Let's Sperg Pokémon Reborn (Screenshot LP) -A Matureᵀᴹ take on the beloved franchaise- - it's absolutely shocking how the fucking borderline sexual harraser is one of the better characters purely by how awful everyone else is

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Mary the Goldsmith

Professional Drunken Retard
Nov 12, 2020

Pokemon Reborn is an Emerald-styled downloadable game featuring all content through Generation 7. Experience a never-before-seen layer of strategy with the all-original Field Effects, using the terrain to outplay and overwhelm your opponent! Collect, train and battle with all 807 Pokemon available in-game and take on Gym Leaders of all 18 types as you fight to restore Reborn to prosperity!
This fangame pretty much has it all: terrorism, suicide, sex jokes, evil cults, lots of swearing, etc. small disclaimer: This is not a completely blind run since I did play part of this game a couple years ago, but didn't get very far.

The game also prides itself on its high difficulty, although said difficulty usually consists of not giving you access to any good TMs or any good Pokémon, until much later in the game, as well as adding a level-cap that causes your pokémon to start disobeying you after a certain level unless you have a certain number of badges, unlike the official games where this only applies to traded pokémon, in reborn any pokémon even those caught by you will start to disobey after the levelcap. There are instances where the AI's pokémon are over the levelcap and you have no choice but to fight like that

I have experience with RPGMaker and Pokémon essentials, meaning I can mess around with the game, for example I modded Eternatus into the game, using sprites from smogon:

But I will refrain from cheating or modifying the game unless its to show you something neat or because RNG is screwing me over. now I want to ask, should I remove the levelcap or play the game the way its meant to be?

Also I'll let you guys pick the player character, gender and name, Reborn lets you choose from 6 presets, and also lets you choose your gender (male, female, non-binary), all 6 presets are below:

you can pick any preset and select the gender, meaning we can technically play as a tranny

Episode 1: A literal trainwreck
Episode 2: The hunt for the cricket
Episode 3: Revenge Terrorism
Episode 4: Duel of the booms, and attack on the hobos.
Episode 5: Amethyst presents: M. Night Shyamalan's: The Happening
Episode 6: Bully: Pokémon edition
Episode 7: Welcome to the jungle Part 1
Episode 8: Welcome to the jungle Part 2
Episode 9: Love, Death & Pokémon
Episode 10: The gate of foreshadowing
Episode 11: The only good bug is a dead bug!
Episode 12: When a faggot calls
Episode 13: Dr. Connal or: how I learned to stop sperging and love the P.U.L.S.E. machine
Episode 14: Le spoopy episode
Episode 15: The Strength Saga -Origins-
Episode 16: On the edge of madness
Episode 17: The Island Part 1: They glow in the dark.
Episode 18: The island Part 2: MoralFagging
Episode 19: The island part 3: Never go full retard
Episode 20: This is a full retard that has gone beyond a full retard, or full retard 2, and this IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOND!!!!!!!!! (aka The island part 4)
Episode 21: A Poison paradise
Episode 22: Wraping things up in town
Episode 23: The Strength Saga: Epilogue
Episode 24: ~~Trust me and we will escape from the city!~~
Episode 25: Mirror Mirror, tell me who's the spergiest of them all.
Episode 26: M.I.L.F. Slayer
Episode 27: Blue Balled
Episode 28: Schrodinger's Sargon
Episode 29: Shingeki no Steelix
Episode 30: Schizo payback
Episode 31: Alan remember to write an episode title
Episode 32: Home on the Range
Episode 33: Fag's Gambit
Episode 34: Between the Gear and a hard place - The Citadel Part 1
Episode 35: An atheist's wet dream - The Citadel Part 2
Episode 36: Sometimes I think of a "good" title but forget it after the third bottle
Episode 37: So close and yet so far
Episode 38: Night of the day of the dawn of the son child of the mysterious mom of the Return of the Revenge of the terror of the attack of the Evil, Mary Sue, Hellbound, Sperging humanoid.
Episode 39: When the game is done the Kang and the pawn go in the same box
Episode 40: A hive of scum and faggotry
Episode 41: Purification via Ruination
Episode 42: Crystallization of Intellect


1: How I make my pokémon shiny
2: How WheelOFate works.
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Fictional Character

Jun 13, 2020
the game does have one of the characters get decapitated, and some redhaired lesbian go on a murder spree using an Aegislash as an actual sword and shield

the redhead isn't a lesbian. She's just pretending to be one so that her girlfriend won't kill herself.

Keep the level cap on. It makes the game so much harder unlike the shitty Pokémon games we’re getting now lol.

Yeah, this. Unless the game changed since the last version I played, the levelcap is actually a hardcap and your pokémon won't gain experience once they hit it, so you can't get screwed by levelling too much. And you're eventually provided with the tools you need to get any new pokémon to the cap in reasonable time in case you need to switch up your entire team (grindable trainer fights in pokécenters, buyable rare candies and EV training). Reborn is actually remarkable in that it doesn't just make fights unfair to make things difficult, but it also mostly provides the tools to deal with the increased difficulty and the terrain gimmick can work both ways. (See Pokémon Rejuvenation for a fangame that's the exact opposite when it comes to the difficulty and with annoyingly retarded writing instead of Reborn's endearingly retarded.)

Mary the Goldsmith

Professional Drunken Retard
Nov 12, 2020
Episode 1: A literal trainwreck

Small Note: This game is very dialogue heavy, a lot of the characters take several textboxes for their dialogue, so I'm gonna be transcribing the dialogues to avoid posting a ton of screenshots were the only different thing is the content of the textbox. Character dialogue will be in italics while my own commentary on the game will be written normally.

Here we are folks

Time to start this journey!!!!!!

Another for Reborn City, huh?
They sure have been pushing that new League.
Let's see... Which one of these was it?

At this point in the game we can choose our protagonist, gender and name.

As requested: a non-binary named Sargon! No one told me which preset to choose so I decided to pick the blonde girl since she kinda resembles my pfp if you squint.
Reborn also changes the classic "professor speaking to you in the void" intro, for what is implied to be a conversation with a train station worker, who prints your boarding ticket. Not bad imo.

Just between you, me, and the ol' battered fence post.
I hear Reborn City's kind of a dump.


The game itself is trying to warn Sargon about how shitty reborn is, Sargon however is undeterred.

And yet, buncha you ambitious Trainer-type folk have been headin' out in droves.
But off you go now.
Trains leaving any minute.

And Sargon embarks on a quest, with one goal in mind: To give Reborn its voice back, And to catch 'em all!


As the train treks across the desert, it passes next to a lone Absol...

And here sits Sargon, ready for their journey, and along them all the other presets we could have chosen.
The girl with white hair is Ame, she is the creator's self insert.

After speaking with the other white haired person, she walks towards Sargon and strikes a conversation with them.


Of course the creator's self insert has an important position within the game.

Ame: You were also looking to sign up for it, right?

Hell yeah! Sargon is here to pawn some noobz!

Ame: It would be great if so! We're finally just getting off the ground again.

completely abandoned... even by the pokémon.
...Uh, but! Don't let that worry you!


before, and I think you'll find Reborn to be a region like no other too!

Well she is not wrong on that regard, the gym leaders and the region really are something else, but its probably not for the reasons Amethyst intended.


She then asks for the ticket and learns Sargon's name from it. A name she best remember well cause Sargon's name will soon be known not only trough all of Reborn City, but trough all of the Reborn region as well! (yes the city and the region have the same name)

Grand Hall.
There, I'll give you a starter Pokémon to really kick off your adventure in Reborn.
Sound good?


A spooky ghost appears behind Sargon, interrupting Ame.

Although she doesn't seem spooked, poor Mr. Ghost.

Sargon turns around to see what caused Ame to shut up, but Mr. ghost is already gone by that time.



A strange sound is heard, startling Ame, while Sargon and everyone else sit there without giving a single fuck.

Ame runs towards Sargon and tackles them trough what I presume is the train's window as the train just fucking explodes.


Fortunately Sargon and Ame survived.

sadly we can't say the same about the rest of the passengers...

Sargon has always said that: "The death of an individual is a tragedy but the death of a whole train is a statistic", so they aren't really that worried. Also xe probably has brain damage at this point.

???: Hihi!
Ame: ...Julia.

A girl dressed in a cheerleader outfit appears walking from the left.

The fact that Ame immediately accuses this girl of causing the explosion says a lot about both characters.

Julia: Whaaaaat? I didn't do anything!
I was at the Gym-Gym and then suddenly BOOOOOM, so I came running!
Cuz, you know if things are exploding, I gotta be there to see it. It's so cool!!!

Ame: Uh huh.

Julia is meant to be this super cheery character fascinated with explosives, her attitude can be really unbearable most of the time.

Just in case you were thinking maybe it was an engine malfunction, the game confirms it was a terrorist attack.

Ame:Sombody rigged the train to destroy Grandview Station.
Julia: By the looks of it, they did a pretty good job!
Ame: Well you're not wrong. But this isn't the time to be admiring their work.
Whoever was behind it could still be monitoring from nearby...
I'll have the perimeter locked down. There's a chance we could catch the perpetrator
before they get away.

As the two women sperg about explosives, Sargon just sits there motionless, in shock, questioning all their live's choices.

Catch up with me later. Until then...
Mm, there should be another trainer who can meet you to show you around.
Find her in front of the Grand Hall.
It's just down this road, you can't miss it.

Shouldn't the police be taking Sargon's testimony or something? I mean Sargon is one of the only two survivors on a terrorist attack... ah well its probably for the best, otherwise Sargon would start sperging about labor and statistics to the officers.

I'll handle it.

If you say so...
Ame then walks away and we are left with Julia.

things bubbly and bright!

I answer yes, no shitty terrorist is gonna keep Sargon from achieving their goals!

Julia: Correct! Then I'll be seeing you very soon, because I am also the Electric Gym Leader!
I'll be looking forward to your challenge, so go on, get down to the Grand Hall already!

Fun fact: This game has relationship values defined, and you can raise or lower your affinity with most of the cast by performing certain actions.

For example, as seen above answering yes to Julia's question increases her affinity by 1, while answering no will instead lower it (You can also see what she would have responded if I answered no). Currently I think this values do nothing but apparently a future update to the game will allow you to hang out with them or something.


Anyway, Sargon is now standing in the station's rubble, and next to what seems to be a polluted ocean or lake, but all this won't get them down, Sargon is no quitter!


The police are investigating the crime scene, but completely ignore Sargon's presence.

Most of the city is inaccessible at this point, as the game funnels you into the Grand Hall to get your starter.

Since there's not much to do at this point, we'll just head straight there to get our starter.

You poor thing! Are you hurt?
Here, take this potion.
What? I know it doesn't work on humans, but just take it, okay?

This lady is how we get that first potion before the first pokémon battle in the game, like the PC potion in the Gen 3 games. So thanks blue haired lady, Sargon will not forget this... probably.

North of the potion lady is the Grand Hall, where we meet one of the three rivals in this game.

???: I'm Victoria.
It's a pleasure to meet you, but is everything okay?
I heard something happened a the station...

Oh nothing to worry about Victoria, just some trains exploding and shit, just a standard Tuesday, ignore the bruises. and/or blood, Sargon is perfectly fine.

Victoria: Well, you're right here, so I guess you're all right.
Ame asked that I bring you in for registration too.
Don't worry it shouldn't take long. Let's go inside.


Ame was already inside waiting for us.

Ame: And our part went as smoothly as we hoped for.
We caught a suspect almost immediately.
He's being interrogated downstairs now.

Now that was fast, the police in reborn seem to be incredibly good at their jobs.

Victoria: Suspect? You mean about the station?
Ame: Yeah, and it seems he's not working alone.
But that's not important It'll be taken care of.
So, you're both here to get signed up for the Reborn league, right?

Of course! Sargon doesn't give a shit about some terrorist plot they are here for the cockfights Pokémon battles.


started over completely. So she asked if I could get a new pokémon too.

I wonder what happened to Victoria's previous pokémon, did they die? did they get stolen? we'll probably never know.

Ame: We normally reserve them strictly for newcomers, but I suppose we can make an exception on Kiki's request.
Victoria: Oh, Thank you!
Ame: However, Sargon will have the first choice.
Victoria: That's okay, I don't mind at all.

Ame then takes Sargon upstairs to where the goods are.


The tables go from top to bottom in order of Grass, Fire, Water, and the pokémon are
arranged from left to right in the order that they were discovered.
Go ahead take any one you like.


Time for the most important choice in Sargon's life.
So I did a little digging around, to see what was considered to be the best starter choice for this game.
The almost universal answer was a Torchic with Speed Boost, since it pretty much breaks the game, so I decided
against that, I then considered a Froakie with Protean, but the LP at Something Awful already did that, and I want to do my own thing with this LP (in fact I'm deliberately not reading that LP to avoid spoilers from the game). So I then decided to pick Charmander.

Reborn treats Hidden abilities as normal abilities, meaning there is a 50/50 chance your starter will have its hidden ability as demonstrated above. Now the thing is Charmander is one of my favorite starters and I already picked him for my previous attempt at this game some years ago. So I soft resetted the game and took Mudkip this time.

Since its a 50/50 chance I actually got lucky and got one with its hidden ability on the first try.

And here are its IVs


As mentioned by @Un Platano the game's character limit prevents me from using to many rude words for the name.

I settled for the nickname No Suit.
I want a shiny starter but I don't want to soft reset the game until I get a shiny mudkip with its hidden ability, so I'll just use my "editing" powers to make this one shiny.

So I dunk it in paint and we're good to go.

The exact same Mudkip but shiny.
So without further ado, lets head downstairs.

Oh don't worry, I won't pick just to beat you; that's silly. I already know which one
I want anyway.
Ame: Well then shall we?
Victoria: Okay. Wait here, Sargon?

Victoria heads upstaris, and Sargon being an obedient little person stays right there.

As xe waits, some purple faggot arrives and immediately starts hitting on our gender non-conforming hero.

this is Cain he is the second rival in the game, and his character can be best described as "le funny sex jokes guy" also he will hit on the player character regardless of gender or preset chosen.

Cain: Hey, was Ame just here?
Ohhhh, so she's with someone else. 'Kay~
My name's Cain, how about yours?
Sargon...Pretty name
So by the looks of it, you just got your first Pokémon.
Are you gonna challenge the League?
I was just coming here to resi-- well, start over.
Figure I'd try taking on this League instead.


There is no way to refuse his challenge, but its ok. Sargon never says no to the chance of legally taking someone's money.

And so comes our very first battle in Reborn!

Fun Fact: the idea of Pokemon Reborn came from a pokémon roleplay Amethyst had with a bunch of friends, several (if not all) of them worked on the game, and the main cast are based around this roleplay, so Cain here, adn also Victoria and Julia are someone's self inserts.

This battle is pretty straignt forward, No Suit's only moves at this point are: Tackle, Growl and Water Gun.

His Nidoran is faster and attacks first using Scratch, but I do more damage with Water Gun. Two more water guns from No Suit and he is down for the count.

We even scored a crit as the finishing move.

This guy is probably a masochist, also No Suit grew to lvl 6 after soaking the shit out of his Nidoran.

Cain takes Sargon just a few steps down, as the Grand Hall has both a Poké Center and a Poké Mart.

After we heal, Victoria arrives with Ame, they had apparently been searching for us.

CAIN: Sorry~ I kinda stole Sargon.
AME: Oh, Cain, I forgot you were coming by.

CAIN: It's okayyyy, when you were gone, I met Sargon
and had some fun~

haha, get it? she thought we were having sex... its only gonna get worse from here.

CAIN: What? Haha, no, we just had a battle.
VICTORIA: Oh! That does sound fun! I wanna test out my new Pokémon, too.
Come on, Sargon, up for one more?
AME: All right. Cain, I'll get you registered as a challenger while they do that.
Come with me.

AME: "Master"?
CAIN: Nothing~
AME: Uh... huh. Come on.

Cain and Ame walk away, while Sargon and Victoria proceed to do battle.

Ready to eat the dirt Victoria?

Victoria's battle sprite looks really weird to me, maybe its the fact that she is wearing a skirt and pants, or is she wearing a trenchcoat and a Karate Gi over it? Eh, whatever I'm sure 14 year old me would have thought it looked cool.

The fierce battle between rivals commences, on one corner: Sargon, the mysterious new comer! on the other one: Victoria, the veteran looking to start anew. They both send out their trusted Pokémon, the creatures eye each other carefully, the crowd goes wild...

Victoria will always choose a Litten, no matter what starter you pick. she attacks first with a scratch, but No Suit, having a type and level advantage one-shots it with a crit Water Gun, and grows another level.

I was told picking a water starter would make the harder, was I lied to?

Of course not "Vicky" Sargon is the soon to be undefeated champion of the Reborn region!

I'm gonna hit the road. See ya~
VICTORIA: Oh, good. Let's go get registered for the League!

AME: No worries. Actually, I took care of the documentation while you two were finishing.

Ame then proceeds to give us a Pokédex, running shoes, and Poké Gear while explaining what each do.

AME: And you're all set! I'm going to go check on the interrogation with the bombing. Good luck to both of you.
VICTORIA: Thank you so much, Ame! Good luck!


Oh, who's Kiki? She's my teacher! I'm an apprentice at Apophyll Academy.
It's in the Azurine Region of Reborn.
If you're ever in the area, I'm sure they'd love you to drop by.
Well, you'll have to go there eventually! After all, Kiki
is Reborn's Fighting-type Gym Leader!
Here, these might help you.


And we receive our first 5 balls to start building our team, but Victoria isn't done with us just yet.

VICTORIA: I know everyone says that Pokémon are
rare in the city...
But you can find them still. They just like to stay
Just look around a bit. I'm sure you'll manage.
So to get started, you should explore the city!


It's the big yellow building. I'm sure you can find it!
I'll see you around!

And with that the games Intro sequence is over and Sargon is now free to begin building their team and getting into all sorts of trouble.
Will Sargon be able to defeat the many challenges that await? or will they ragequit midway? Tune in next time to find out.

I accept team suggestions, strategies etc.


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Mary the Goldsmith

Professional Drunken Retard
Nov 12, 2020
This thing got updated for 8th gen? It was cringy as all get out, but the cityscape was A E S T H E T I C and the game was very competently made
no it only gets to gen 7 at this point, Episode 19 will be the final story update, adding the ending and the postgame and it will not contain Gen 8 mons or mechanics, although some of the devs said they are considering adding them

Dang Woodchucks!

Starlight Kid is my oshi
Feb 22, 2020
Decided to do some quick fanart of our new gender non-comforming waifu and their epic Mudkip.
View attachment 1858669
>Stumbles into Team Jihad comitting honor killings
>Fight whoosh
>Pre-fight dialogue: wow Y'all acting like white niggers!
>Post-fight dialogue: Maybe i can get Prof. Oak to tweet GamerGatr...

Dumb Dog

I spent real money on a video game character
Jan 17, 2021
Mudkip is definitely one of the better starters for this. Good pick OP. I’m excited for this! Definitely going to watch this thread since the game gets edgy af soon LOL

Also definitely pick up the hidden ability Kricketot in the first main area. It’ll help you through the first few gyms easily.