Pokemon (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Announced)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Bugaboo, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I mean, they steal Pokèmon and they even took over an entire town, adding to the fact that we knew Guzma and Lusamine were working together. I don’t see why we shouldn’t have them be more serious instead of comical.

    Not sure how much I agree with that statement, because from the first cutscene of SuMo, we knew that the Aether foundation were up to something bad. I’m not sure if it’s a red herring if we knew what the “twist” was gonna be.

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  2. They took over a town? I thought it was like abandoned and in the shitter and they were all just hanging out in the rain.

    Yeah for a rich af company they went for the lowest hanging fruit. Guzma's motivation is that... he wasn't good enough? The baddest? ???

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  3. But you don't even know that team skull are working for PETA until later on, the red herring remains intact.

    To be honest all of the enemy gangs in pokemon are all morons doing increasingly absurd things for silly reasons. Team Aqua is clearly the worst, because they looked at Hoenn and said ' You know what this place needs? More ocean!'

    That said, the Plasma grunts win the award for worst style.



  4. New signature move and two Z-moves for Necrozma. Looks like the Rotom Pokedex is getting more features.

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  5. I think it was because he couldn't be a kahuna or something, as he said to Kukui.

    Teeeeechnically they wanted to get more water for water type pokemon to live but

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  6. They are taking the Z-Moves so fucking seriously -.-

    What's gonna be the next gimmick, forced aspect for 8th Gen? "Super-Types?" Use a "Leaf-ite" (because of course it'd be poorly named) on a Charizard and it'll be Grass for this match!

    I know I'm so picky on the gimmicks they've been trying to do since Pokemon Contests, but they really add squat to the game.

    "Mega" Evolution was such a waste of a better idea (not to mention all "Mega's" are just the main form with added parts) and Z-Moves take way too long. Seriously.

    I just hope there are more new Pokemon. The new Ultra Beasts don't necessarily indicate there to be new regular Pokemon, but here's hoping. Salandit needs an evolution for its Males.

    And honestly, if all they're gonna give us for new forms is that basic, unimaginative Dusk Lycanroc (and another thing, Lycanroc turned out to be REALLY dissapointing), maybe I'll skip after all and get me an ORAS.
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  7. I've used a Z move all of once, when I let a young relative run around in my game and I showed him what it did. I don't give af about them.

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  8. Best villain team was definitely Team Galactic. Impeccable fashion sense.
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  9. Eh, it's a cute gimmick in my opinion. I don't use Z Moves or Mega Evolutions, but I know that kids get excited about them because they're flashy and super powerful.

    I'm so disappointed that original-style contests haven't been brought back into the series. I liked the strategy of it, and it encouraged using less powerful/non-battle mons.

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  10. I don't really know how most people felt about Sun and Moon, but I played the fuck out of every new gen as it came out and 7 was the one that caught my attention the least and I put the least amount of hours in. The games weren't terrible or anything but so much feels unfinished and weird to me. No national dex, very little post game, not many new Pokemon and too many of the ones that there are are legendaries, no new Megas and Alola forms are a lame replacement, etc. I feel like they really needed at least a few more months in development. Hoping Ultra S/M are better. I really want to like gen 7 so I guess they can have another 40 bucks.
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  11. I'd go with knight templars/pirate ninjas over the league of legitimate businessmen who love the colour orange.
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  12. The great Lockstin just came out with this awesome theory


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  13. I'm right now trying to get various dumb things in the Gen II VC games to send over, mostly various Pokemon with Curse or Zap Cannon, since they for the most part are the only Gen II exclusive moves of note.

    Unfortunately a lot of the best Gen II exclusive moves are event moves that are unavailable to the VC versions and even if you hacked them onto your Gen II game you cannot send them to Gen VII(And if you hack them into Gen VII you could easily get flagged if you go online with them).

    Lovely Kiss Nidoran/Poliwag/Bellsprout/Snorlax/Snubbull, Quick Attack Tauros, Growth Eevee, Rapid Spin Geodude, Agility Magnemite, Swords Dance Goldeen, Hydro Pump Dratini, Belly Drum Wooper, and Whirlwind Swinub are the ones that could see some use on their respective Pokemon in Gen VII if they were available in the main game.
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