Snowflake Pokimane / Pokimanelol / Imane Anys / OfflineTV - Abuses men for social climbing, hypocrite with double standards, doesn't own up to mistakes, lies about relationships, 'not like the other girls'


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Honestly, I’m not even sure why there’s controversy over Pokimane having a boyfriend.
Because the reason why these people have "jobs" and get money is that they're stand-in girlfriends. They appeal to these loser nerds and give them the hope that they could get a hot girlfriend who shares all the same interests. Their purpose here is to play the role of a potential girlfriend and fuel the fires of wild fantasy. Having a boyfriend destroys that fantasy.
Don't hate the players here, hate the game.


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Yeah, I still don't think this deserves a thread. PR firms tell actors and actresses not to make their relationships public if they don't have to to increase their market appeal. All of the clout chasing is normal behavior for almost everyone in the entertainment business anyway. And if this thread is for her simps, make a simp megathread for all simps.
Yeah i think a simp megathread is due, since the fun that only ever comes out of the E-thots is mostly their simps

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I don't get the ire most Twitch thots get. Pretty, or moderately pretty girls with decent makeup skills, have been living off simp money since the dawn of time. But take your average OnlyFans girl and have her poorly play Valorant in a tank top and suddenly it inspires such rage in a certain division of men


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It seems to me that typical Poki drama goes something like:
  1. She does something minor that most people don't care about.
  2. Some tards care about it.
  3. Instead of ignoring it she goes on the attack DMCAing videos and issuing statements.
  4. Drama briefly blows up because of the Streissand effect
  5. Drama dies down because nobody actually cares about the original issue
She has the self-defeating process of a cow but until she actually does something major it's not going to ignite.
The feedback mechanism of her brittleness has meant a fairly steady buildup of hostility towards her among commentary channels. The copy striking of relatively tiny channels is nasty, although it's sort of grey compared to Alinity, low to mid level thot, trying to copystrike the Jupiter of Youtube, Pewds. I think Pokimane should yield some steady lolcow output (don't know the correct units) soon enough.


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>pokimane thread needs some love
gotchu fam
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Every day, I get this growing feeling that this website is going to be like if the Rosetta Stone fucked the Qu'ran from V for Vendetta. That we are all writing a piece of an immortal and grim testament to some time gone by and that, in whatever world comes next, this will be dark and fateful knowledge. I know it's a bit much to think of this emptybun thread but it just hit me in a big way seeing this image:


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I don't understand dudes who think they're gonna get some on Twitch. Unless you're on staff and trading favors, you likely aren't getting shit. Also dudes thinking Poki is constantly single. If a girl like her is single there's probably a good reason.
Its just delusion and fantasy, you should look into vtubers if this really shocks you so much


Shit is as quite as the calm before the storm.
How brainless, vain and selfish all these cunts are will turn entire generations of men into incels. Like imagine growing up with twitch thots and egirls being the most well known female public figures, their entire existence dedicated not to actually providing a product or any real value, no talent to speak of, just leeching money out of any pathetic man willing to pay them just for existing as a woman who knows how to look good on camera. Will men who grow up in a society like that come out with positive views on women? I highly doubt it and it's not good for women either, we're already starting to see girls turning 18 and then immediately starting up an onlyfans or slutty instagram page so they can be just like Belle Delphine or some other whore who inspired them.

What I'm trying to say is, it's time to legalize prostitution and put these fake whores out of a job with real whores.
Not gonna fucking happen when you a generation of old farts in congress that still cling on to their fathers and grandfathers outdated ideaology. But just because people are entertainers doesn't mean that they are the ideal role models, many of these E-girls and T-Thots don't go above and beyond to help people and just virtue signal and start up drama for them to profit off. They are the most useless people because the day their fame and cutey looks fade, is the day they are gonna have to face reality and I am gonna laugh when it turns out they still behave like 17 year old brats and not even their simps are gonna bat an eye or give a buck.

Typical man 🙄 Putting all the blame on Pokimane. Anyone that is pathetic enough to send her money, and think she hasn’t already got a boyfriend (who is encouraging her to milk the incels and simps of their money) actually deserves to be milked of their money.
It's why these simps don't deserve any respect, and neither does Pokimane

It doesn't look like this one's up to the standards of the cat chucker, dog fucker, border hopper Alinity.

I'm glad I'm too old for this shit. The guys donating to random ethots need to realize they're just a name in a sea of other speds. She isn't going to go out with you. You're just paying for her guilt free shoe collection.

What is a Pull
It's what Poki's fans do to their pp when watching her streams.
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