Law Police Investigating Family's Disneyland Fight After It Goes Viral - WWE is hosting their Royal Rumble try outs in Disneyland now

Exigent Circumcisions

This little piggy is reeeetarded.
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What the fuck did I just watch? Red shirt guy was throwing stage punches and i dont actually think a single one of them connected. The two dudes were doing the ali shuffle when squaring up, and the fat chick who went down clearly took a dive. She collapsed like paul bearer being hit with a chair. The one with the big tits was dancing around like she was waiting for her cue. Absolutely baffling.
The rest of the troupe was robbing the souvenir stores while this was going on. It's classic primate behaviour.


The horseman comes! And tonight he comes for you!
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You can tell how park security was completely unprepared for something like this. Seriously, who goes to Disneyland to pick up fights?

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Vivere Militare Est.
Toontown? More like coon town

How could they get away with this?!

Gotta love security making sure they have the greatest possible distance between themselves and any potential violence.
If the violence had escalated and the guy started stomping the girl, do you think they would have deigned to firmly ask him to stop?
"Sir, her brains are already out of her skull, sir you need to stop, SIR, SIR."
It's quite literally like something out of Demolition Man. Unbelievable.


Best live show Disney's had in years.
Move over Country Bears Jamboree there's a new act in town, presenting the Ghetto Gorilla Slamboree. That aside whats with these idiots doing the whole "squah up nyuk-uh" stance, stupid fucks aren't wearing gloves so holding your hands like that isn't as effective as being able to work your midsection to sway around.
What they think they look like in that stance:
What they look like to everyone else:

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