Law Police Investigating Family's Disneyland Fight After It Goes Viral - WWE is hosting their Royal Rumble try outs in Disneyland now


US Marine Appreciator and/or Muslim Disrespector.
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and liberals wonder why so many black men are in jail. I mean how fucking obvious is the answer to this shit if you just open your eyes. There are massive behavioral and violence issues that are the same in whatever fucking country or excuses you have.
Nah the only reason so many blacks get arrested and the jails are packed with them is because the racist white cops specifically target them and uhhhhh make them do crime I guess.

There's a lot going on in the fight video then just the typical "talk shit, get hit, split when the authorities come" videos. There's a Mexican guy around 2 minutes in that seems to talk the main aggressor, the black guy in the pink shirt down, and around 2:20 he actually walks off, before he starts beating on the tan-shirt woman again. Then the Mexican guy and a few others grab him around 3:00. Then at 3:20 Disney's Keystone Cops come in, one of which is an obese androgynous freak with long, stringy hair, but do practically nothing but send the crowd back.

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