Police shootings in Murrkuh and BLM protests: The thread. - It was a good thread, it dindu nuffin


-About a hundred protesters took to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday, decrying the decision of the local prosecution not to charge a police officer accused of killing Keith Lamont Scott, an unarmed African-American man.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray, who led the investigation, informed press that a total of 15 prosecutors had 'unanimously agreed' not to press charges. The DA made the announcement after concluding that his team had not been able to find any legal wrongdoing on behalf of police officer Brentley Vinson, after he shot Scott in an apartment complex parking lot.-

Time for the National Guard again


A brief reminder about Keith Lamont Scott, the gentle giant who was taken from us:


[Scott's wife] claims Scott stabbed her in the back, almost puncturing her lungs. She also claims he “sliced me [sic] ear and bruised my body.”

Scott spent seven years in prison for shooting a man in San Antonio.

In 2015, Scott’s wife filed another domestic violence protective order against him in Gaston County. She claims he hit their 8-year-old child three times with his fists and kicked her, according to court records. She also says he threatened to kill them with a gun, claiming he said he is a “killer” and that they should know that.

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