Political obsessions, are they a good thing? -

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I'll say this in one word. Yes.

Political obsessions shows you're up to date and care about the future. If you're not up to touch with the world and constantly checking political sources, then you're likely going to be left behind when the end comes. Everyone needs to develop a political opinion, especially since the 2010's, and it's unrealistic to completely ignore politics since they sure as hell won't ignore you. Either be unrealistic and don't follow politics at all or check politics and current events at every single free moment.

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Given how batshit the Left and Twitter's gotten since T-Day I'd say no.

It's one thing to be politically aware it's quite another to be obsessed with it.
Better to be on the right's side of obsession than the far left. The far Left has shown how unhinged they are, and being right-wing is a lot more acceptable than being a tankie.

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If it leads you to actually doing something significant like actually getting elected or leading some sort of movement then maybe, otherwise you're just stressing yourself out getting unhinged. You're going to vote for who you were going to vote for anyway. You'll change your political opinions based on your changing personal values, not because you watched some schmuck's town hall meeting.


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Better to be on the right's side of obsession than the far left. The far Left has shown how unhinged they are, and being right-wing is a lot more acceptable than being a tankie.
Better is still not necessarily good. People obsessed with politics spend their time doing mental gymnastics to manage the tons of cognitive dissonance that they are necessarily getting. They are gray and pathetic characters more often than not. And potential lolcows, as any obsessed fag who takes himself too seriously.

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Good thing? Not really. In a society where politics are a thing (read: all of them) being involved and taking initiative about staying abreast of whatever crap is going on is good, but obsessing to the point of identitarian line-drawing and talking about X politician day-in day-out, obsessing over the news cycle to the exclusion of other things, obsessing over it to the point you start being unable to see the forest for the trees... not so much.

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Look at twitter and plebbit. The majority of the politics nuts there are absolute fags with inflated egos who think they are smarter than what they actually are due to living in echo chamber where they have an unlimited amount of confirmation bias.
An extreme case of this would be movieblob who has become so unhinged and delusional that he literally thinks his ideological opposition should be oppressed and disenfranchised, and has some of the most insane takes about the future out there.

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I don’t care if you’re obsessed politically as long as you have enough perspective to take a step back, look at the current government, and realize that even your most perfectly conceived policy idea will be fucked up royalty in execution.

I get less frustrated by the actual views of extremist than I do by their idiotic assumption that public institutions are competent in the slightest.


No, they're not. Being obsessed with your own political views can negatively impact your current state because you'll become as fucked up. Take a look at ADF, for example, he's a subhuman tard-lookin ass who is obsessed with punching nazis. His exceptionalism made him become as fucked up as any other Antifaggot. The Plebbitors and Twitterfags are other examples.

That could either happen to either leftists or rightists and it sure can be predictable.
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It's like on okcupid... if you're an atheist and choose anything but "and laughing about it", you're a re.tard.

Stay away from anyone who puts "and very serious about it" (whether it's religion or politics).

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Being politically savvy and aware is a great thing. Knowing the issues and who to vote for and whatever is incredibly important.

Being obsessed is the opposite of that. It means you're so ingrained in your beliefs you'll swallow any lie and propaganda that you hear as long as it lines up with your beliefs. You can say "better to be obsessed with my team" but it's just dumb zealotry, like the idiots who vote democrat because "it's the right thing to do".

Political obsessions for any group or wing or system or whatever makes you look like a retard regardless of whether the group you're talking to agrees with you or not.

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Every single country elects the worst members of its society (the elected officials) and have them sit in a giant halls and listen to a bunch of nonsense about waxing balls from crazy people. Granted it remains to be seen what will happen when the corporations decide that all the governments aren't worth keeping and force them out (this is what all this globalism shit is about, instead of the US and Mexico everything will be Google, Disney and Amazon.) Politics should be experienced for the here and now because it's funny to watch, but if your interest in politics is that being educated about the process will be any better than a pig figuring out what's coming inside the slaughterhouse, well, oink oink.


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If Hillary had won the Right would probably be acting just as unhinged.

That's what happens when you get too invested in politics.
You mean like how the right acted when Obama won presidency twice in a row and never came anywhere near what the left is doing today? Nah, I don't think so.

---End response.

In regards to the topic:

I do think people should be aware of politics in a sense if you mean that by obsession being informed is a good thing, if you mean dedicated to an obsessive rate, I'd argue no, but there's a diffrence between being obsessed and seeking truth about politics and the outcomes of said "politics." (IE: Some things are called politics when they really aren't. It's done to conflate things as merely subjective or personal opinion.)


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Depends but to me it's a massive "no".
This entire China-HK shit is tiresome. Then the obsession with western politics takes credit on my mental health. I often find myself very cynical.

Best solution is to just take a step back and get busy with hobbies. Shut off the news.