World Pooch protection: Dogs used in northern Japan to scare off bears -

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Bears are badass, adorable and terrifying. I'm glad we have them, there's something majestic in wild animals and it's a pleasure to witness them, from a safe distance.

and anything short of a full plate armour and a well made sword wouldnt even slow it down
I wouldn't want to be the guy in plate either. Sure, it'd protect your guts from getting spilled, but a 400lbs bear swiping its paw at you has to carry enough force to shatter bones.

If you have a brown bear problem just hire some Finnish guy with a temper to shout at them
At that point I'm certain the dude chose to threaten the bear with a broom because he's kind, and he knew that if he hit the bear with his massive nuts the poor animal would be pulverized.

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