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I quite like Popeye’s chicken sandwich. I take some of their honey and red pepper jelly, and put a couple dabs on. The patty itself is thick and crunchy which other chicken sandwiches may lose in the frying process. Downside to that though is the grease taste is more apparent.

The sauce is also a nice accouterment, I would also recommend ordering it with a side of extra pickles, if you’re feeling mischevious.

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They're decent, but they're not orgasm inducing like a lot of people act. It's a good mid tier sandwich, much better than KFC, but not as good as Chik-Fil-Et


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It's a nice sandwich if you eat it as soon as you get it. It has a half-life like french fries as that sauce soaks into the breading and the bun and it becomes a yucky mess.
I'd like it more if it hadn't replaced their po'boys. Their chicken tendie po boy was much better.
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