Disaster Popeyes customer is 'stabbed to death' over the restocked chicken sandwich -


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You ever get the feeling the media is leaning HARD into this for some particular reason?
It's almost like if we talk non stop about Popeye's and how it's to die for, the braindead masses will forget about that white supremacist, bigoted ol' meanie Chik-Fil-A....
It's almost like the media likes to use black people as socio-political pawns....
Not sure how this helps. The actual upshot of the story is "don't go to Popeye's, you'll get murdered."

Oh Long Johnson

Eat the bugs, bigot
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I guess making your own is too difficult for some people.

So, say you are a chicken-mad nigga and were going about making your own safety chicken. Would you just skip all that horrifying ranch dressing powder and go with purestrain MSG, or is the ranch part of the flavor and not being used solely for its MSG?

Sissy Galvez


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