Lolcow Poppagrizz56 / Donald Hopkins - Old Fat Tard-Raging Livestreamer with an A-Log Following

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"I've told you stupid cocksuckers I can stand and walk short distances"

Apparently CPS was called on his family by some trolls from what I can tell

I am a fluffy old man with nothing to do, so I do basically daily livestreams, some cooking videos, and other random videos for your entertainment!!!
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Donald Hopkins
PO BOX 924
Sidney Ohio,

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Donald Hopkins (better known as Poppagrizz) is an lolcow youtuber constantly spewing milk from his fat old man udders. He livestreams on youtube or twitch every single day. Due to the fact he's been at this for years a small community of sorts has sprung up around him and he appears to have a backlog of lore.

Many of his streams are drama. Here's some more Hubbard v Grizz dramu

Accusations have recently surfaced that his gofundme he alleged was raising money for a furnace had its funds er, "misappropriated" by Donald

Grizz enjoys banning people from his streams for questioning him in chat.

And being involved with threatening legal action over internet bullshit

He has his fair share of A-Logs like Cowpote / Jeff Nelson and they sperg about each other for hours on end.
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Jeffrey Allen Nelson
Aliases: Cowpote, Cowboy Nelson
DOB: 11/15/1958
Home Address
2240 Country Ln,
Hopkins, MN 55305

Home Phone: 952-545-0648

Position: IT Manager
Company: Delta Airlines
Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Criminal Record
(Full case files can be found by visiting and searching "Jeffrey Allen Nelson")

Miscellaneous A-Log stuff

Misc Grizz Stuff:
An r/SubForSub thread with no responses (archive)

Theres some fuckery going on where his and other vids are uplaoded or re-uploaded to obscure as fuck website. Like for example I found this one he directed to Truthfull Trisha, who is a Beauty Parlour lolcow
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Watched a few of his videos. For some reason hearing him chimp out at the audience brings me back to the good old days of the Deagle Nation livestreams, only with less charm. Good job on OP @Feline Darkmage




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>Tells people to learn to spell.
>Can't spell "numb" to save his life.