Popular questions I’m finally answering 1/7/2020 - Let me guess, nothing of value gets addressed


This video is SO BRIGHT, HOLY SHIT

Like, fucking why? What do you get from making yourself look this fucking pale to the point you can use the wall behind you as camouflage?

And "popular questions" my ass, tells us if she wets her toothbrush or not but still didn't say why she deleted her last vlogmas

And lmao, lost 3 lbs in December :story:

Edit: "I hate comparing myself to other people"

No, you don't, you constantly compare yourself with other people as an excuse


Fleas on a burger who got Corona
Fine. She's not over 600 elbees. She's 599.9 elbees. I'll compromise and meet her in the middle.

She's boring as shit until the next drama starts. I'll gladly take crazy or a top hat for saying that.

Hope all of 2020 won't be like this with her.
Who am I kidding? It will. Cycle. Cycle. Cycle.

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First, I hereby nominate Diet Coke 4 Life for the stupendous honour of Commander of the Order of the Orange Chicken - brilliant summary with enough snark/sarcasm/humour to allow me not to hurl. Ceremony next Friday; do wear clothes if you're showing up. Sanity is optional but let me know in advance if restraints will be required.
Thank you, but they haven't created the restraints I can't chew through yet. I shall wear my Commander hat properly off kilter, janky as possible, and backwards in recognition of the perfection required to be comparable to our gorl.

She legit has a head cold & personally I wouldn't have filmed anything with that much talking - her throat sounds pretty raw. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up with strep throat or pneumonia; she spoke of her UTI as still being around a few days ago & regardless of current infections, her immune system is trashed. She doesn't not have the flu.
Yeah, not the flu. 100%. She's not completely laid up.

Now tiny PL, walking pneumonia is not terribly crippling to one of moderate health, as I may or may not have discovered more than once throughout my time on this world. It's also one of those things that medical professionals (at least in the armed services) don't diagnose quickly because it looks so much like an ordinary cold, typically following it, that until you legitimately have issues breathing and are vomiting colorful stuff from your lungs rather than stomach bile it isn't labeled as anything other than a bad cold, and maybe we should give you more Mucinex and/or Nyquil, you malingering fuck. So pneumonia is definitely a possibility if she doesn't rest and recover from this head cold she has. Add in the fact that she /still/ has this fucking UTI, and her immune system is so overtaxed that progression may in fact occur.

I am tossing out a non-monetary bet of 1 week minimum of feeling like absolute shit. Anyone else in the household who gets sick will recover within 36 hours.


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She wants to be a conspiracy theorist because Shane Dawson does it and she has no personality of her own and copies the personalities of other youtubers and people around her (total narc move) also she thinks this makes her look like one of those cute 80s aesthetic tumblr girls with I WANT TO BELIEVE posters in their room.

Also of course the 600lbs 30 year old toddler loves a pop singer who glorifies pedophilia and child sexualization, shes stuck in the mind of a 13 year old.

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She "doesn't not have the flu"... sigh. I'm either picking up her quirky dialect; or dropped 38 IQ points zoning out through her video. She doesn't have the flu. I may or may not have had lab confirmed flu a few times in the past & may or may not have begged for death for a few days. It hits hard, fast & she'd be pinned to Pillow Mountain & stuck there at least a week. I'm inclined to think she wants to be careful as she's a high risk for progression to pneumonia. Walking, (mycoplasma) pneumonia is generally tolerable but would flatten her & yeah - what you cough or puke out is pretty ghastly. I indulged in a bit of sperginess & checked respiratory infections in Kentucky & as usual for this time of year; a fair bit going around. With her immune system, going to a movie theatre is idiotic this time of year.

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I suppose those eyebrows are gone forever, or at least until she's reunited with them in the afterlife in a year or so (assuming fat people are allowed in heaven, which is doubtful)


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I indulged in a bit of sperginess & checked respiratory infections in Kentucky & as usual for this time of year; a fair bit going around.
For anyone with lung issues, Kentucky is one of the worst places to live. I researched it myself years ago. There's sort of a cloud o' death that hovers over it in the form of ozone, coal emissions, pollen, wood smoke, etc. Add cold and flu season and 600 elbees for extra fun times.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
My god she is so fucking borrrinnngg now. She's always a snoozefest, but damn how many times are you going to answer shit about you and destiny or pretend you are on a secret private diet?

What video was it that she said she NEVER gets sick? She was sick like twice in December and now she's sick AGAIN. I feel like she had a cold all of 2019.

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She gets sick in January every fucking year.
There was one New Years where it was quite memorably reaponsible for a small amount of (ofc temporary) weight loss thanks to smacking her fat moonface silly with nausea and vomiting and the runs....until about 3 weeks later when she and her obese pet Thumb ate themselves back into rubenesque good health and gained EVERYTHING back plus twenty pounds more. Lmao.

Hard to give much of a rat's fart about her "cold" or sore throat or whatever she is whining about this time. It happens every single year. What's even sadder is that this is the third fucking video in a row of 2020 thats just her sitting like the massive blob of lard she is and wheezing a bunch of dribbly lies into the camera for 15-20 minutes. The effort has never been lower.