Popular questions I’m finally answering 1/7/2020 - Let me guess, nothing of value gets addressed


I suppose those eyebrows are gone forever, or at least until she's reunited with them in the afterlife in a year or so (assuming fat people are allowed in heaven, which is doubtful)
I think she keeps her eyebrows in one of those emergency glass cases for whenever Destiny is around to visit (mooch) since they only seem to be reserved for her and never for Becky (or just looking good in general)

Dia de Muertos

It's fascinating to listen to her lie about stuff that she has already told conflicting lies about.
She really thinks we're all as stupid as she is. She thinks she can gaslight herself out of her many fallacies. This is the only reason why I personally watch her.

Bitch you ate your way into being completely helpless and handicap. Nobody will ever take you seriously until you lose noticeable amounts of weight whether you do it yourself or via professional help. Don't for one second think that you deserve any credibility after you lied and ate your way into being a fucking joke and then cry about how nobody believes your words when you're a self admitted liar, you fucking idiot. Until you are capable of wiping your own ass, taking a normal shower, and are capable of taking care of yourself like the rest of us don't expect anyone to have any respect for you. That's peek delusionalynn.

Tiki Bar Man

Down the Anal Staircase
i'm adding this to the predictions thread, but it looks like 2020 is finally going to be the year of bedboundlynn. god bless eric, ricky, and becky for having to be around the stench of amber festering on pillow mountain.
We already have the wheelchair saga for jack scalfani, and boogie regained his weight back, so it's time for amberlyn and her new saga!
Nothing surprising here, she lies and is a narc and most likely has to shit in a fags bathtub. Love the blown out light and all these q&as, who is she trying to impress? A new butler? Pretty excited to see the new diet plan shell try.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Watching (well, listening) to Respectively Sarcastic's react to this, and this question annoyed me for some reason this morning:

Question: what kind of foods do you crave when you’re on a diet
Answer: Doesn't want to go into "grave detail" about her diet - it's GREAT, you fucking moron - and craves "super salty or super sweet" things - i.e., the very things that people have craved since the beginning of time, since salt and/or sweet foods were the most difficult to find for our Hominini ancestors.


Racist Cunt
She is definitely playing with fat girl angles now more than ever, Eric's video showed that. She has not done a full body shot in ages since early December and she looked like she had gained.

She lost 3lbs in December What the actual fuck that is 4205 kcal a day to maintain, she is fucking eating at least 6000 kcal. so all in all in Demember she burned 12000kcal when her resting is 4205 calculated if she exercised and did like 1500kcal she could EASILY and I mean easily lose 39 lbs and that is light exercise. That in the grand scheme is 6% of her body mass lost in 1 month.

The rarity reaction to her on the table exhibiting her food aggression is one of the best Amber memes, she looks so fucking spooked.


Late af, but there is a weird virus going around down south way. It's not flu, but it fucking feels like it and it will lay you low for about a week or so healthy or not. The doctor won't identify it so it's kind of like here take these and we'll hope for the best. I can't tell you how many of my colleagues and their families had their holidays ruined by it. Her problem is that she's already immuno-compromised and if she develops the inevitable cough that comes with whatever this bug is, she's in big trouble.