Popular songs you hate -


EH 110

God, it's awful. I keep hearing, "You hold tight to YER umbrella" and "There's always been a rainbow hangin' over YER head," and it drives me crazy. She sounds like a hillbilly.
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History Of Violence. If I hear this song one more time I'm going to smash the radio at work.

Clown College

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Since most of the stuff posted here is pretty recent I thought we'd go back a few decades. The funny thing is I like both Squeeze and Duran Duran's other stuff but holy shit do these two songs annoy me.



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This garbage:

It literally has no melody. It's just a bunch of notes blasted randomly onto some sheet music, possibly with a shotgun. I don't understand how someone can listen to this and derive any enjoyment at all. It's barely music, as well as having a bizarre non-sequitur of a melody it barely has any rhythm, and almost no real instrumentation either. It's just undiluted whining, and if you do want to listen to a whiny song for some reason, there's plenty of whiny songs out there that have both melody and rhythm. Some even have cool guitar solos. I'm genuinely mystified how this became a hit.

Also he has the most annoying falsetto in the world. At least Mika sounded like he was having fun.

If you like this song, I'd genuinely be interested in understanding why. I'm not shitposting, I really do want to know, as a musicology sort of thing, what the appeal of this song is, because a lot of people do like it and I'm clearly missing something.
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Tom Petty - Free Fallin. One of the laziest songs ever written, that somehow became his most successful song by a large margin. I get it, it's a song braindead retards can sing along to no matter how shitfaced they are off Natty Lite and mouthwash. Doesn't make it good.

You get the same 4 chords over and over, while Tom sings "Yeah I'm free, free fallin." A hundred times in a row. Great job.


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Basically any singles Sia has done after her fifth album (We Are Born). She reached her peak with Some People Have Real Problems, and then started declining as soon as "Chandelier" became a hit and she realized that she could make more off of the mainstream pop songs she was writing for others by performing them herself.
And all the songs she writes for other artists annoyingly sound the same. It's gotten to the point where I can immediately tell if she wrote it, because it always has that pseudo-soaring chorus.

An Sionnach Seang

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this shit used to be my kryptonite
way back in the mists of time I used to share a house with several other people, and the one in the next room was an utter gobshite who worked the late shift at a call centre and who I grew to hate over time
when he got in from work, and I was trying to get some kip for a 7am-7pm shift the next day, he would put on either this, Eva Cassidy's cover of "Fields of Gold", and a third song I never knew the title of but can still hear right now

14 years later, I still can't listen to more than a few seconds of it without my blood starting to boil
funnily enough, it's only this version that winds me up, not the original (probably because Patti LaBelle never made skank noises when performing it)

Anything by this moron

he has one key quality in common with Neutral Mílk Hotel - the artist's name alone is enough to put me off listening
"Neutral Mílk Hotel? Wow, they sound exciting!" said nobody ever
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