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Culture Pornstar August Ames Dies at 23, Friends Suspect SuicideBecause she refused to do gay porn

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by LulzKiller, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Zinnia “ISIS was saving gays from jumping” Jones and he has a thread in Ratkings.
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  2. Porn Twitter is basically an as-close-as-can-be-managed-in-a-text-medium facsimile of the skeeviest of reality television, hair-pulling and catfighting with bad makeup and crazy implants and botox and all; and that's just the gay guys. Anybody starting shit there that has been in the business for more than five minutes knows exactly what you're going to get: a bunch of exceptional thirstlords fighting on behalf of their chosen queens of either sex.

    Now, looking into this, August Ames in her repertoire already had scenes with a minimum of seven male porn actors who crossed over and did gay4pay as well, the most recent of which was in July. When she decided for once to have a problem with this, she asked to not be involved in the shoot and the company respected this, accepted, and booked another actress; she is the one who then went to the cesspit of Porn Twitter and decided to make a Big Deal about it for whatever fucking reason.

    And so she got a couple days of Mean Tweets from a sector of Twitter that's always a perpetual cesspool ("suck a dick and die" is a mere opening salvo) and opted to Terryberry herself. This puts her emotional fortitude somewhere south of at least half of the subjects on this site. Obviously other shit was off with her in the first place, but the real distinguishing factor between her and the genuine Terryberry is that people would actually want to have sex with her, and so this is now tragic and we should feel extra bad, I guess. Whatever.

    The guys berating her, by and large, are tremendous turbofaggots in their own right. Jaxton Wheeler is an uberturbofaggot who literally gets into Twitter slapfights over the fact that he wears multiple pairs of socks to hide his chicken calves because he skips leg day a bit too much. Zachary Sire, the guy behind the Str8upgayporn site and account, runs a porn blog that's pretty much Gay Porn TMZ in a genre full of blogs that generally just regurgitate scene summaries and galleries, and he's something of a beautiful trainwreck who likes to cover things like, well, Jaxton Wheeler having Twitter slapfights over wearing multiple pairs of socks to hide his chicken calves. This is the quality of person you get with porn people on Twitter, even when they're not in front of the camera themselves.

    The increased crossover from gay4pays going to straight porn has increased in recent years, sadly at the same time that gay porn has trending towards more bareback/condom-free stuff. August very well could have been trying to highlight an issue here, but sadly approached it with all the finesse of a 23 year old who guzzles cum on camera for a living and with the sadbrains of one of Kiwi's finest. And now her choice to cut her life short spins crazily as the culture warriors see blood in the water in a very target rich environment.

    What fun. This, folks, is why you should send your kids to trade school if they can't make it to college, because sex work is full of broken-ass crazy people.
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  3. I like how he calls cyanide an obscure pill. Because it hasn’t been used in so many tv shows and movies as a suicide pill. I mean c’mon, nobody has ever heard of cyanide before!
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    neverendingmidi it just goes on and on and on and on...

  4. Vox Day is a lolcow, but he's right.
    Yes. And it hasn't had any meaning for as long as I can recall.
    There's never any "good reason" to kill yourself. Suicidal people aren't behaving rationally when they make the worst possible decision they could ever make. I thought everyone understood that.

    I know where you're coming from. I can't square placing all the blame for her suicide on everyone else because, outside of extreme cases, nobody can make you kill yourself. But it probably didn't help to whip the mob into a frenzy and dogpile her for wrongthink, which is always at best a totally pointless and narcissistic activity. Her "attackers" definitely contributed to the outcome even though they aren't, and shouldn't be, held responsible for what Ames chose, in her depressive mindset, to do.
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  5. I love how not wanting to get AIDS is the same as being homophobic now.
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  6. This. Nobody goes into porn unless they are either highly unstable, highly damaged or both.

    Also, I mentioned this in the Alison Rapp thread, but the biggest open secret in porn is escorting. Nearly all porn stars moonlight as escorts, this goes for both genders, and in fact, a lot of them only do porn to boost their profile and demand more per hour. So the danger of STDs still exists for both genders and all orientations.

    This moonlighting happens because tube-sites completely killed the margins of porn studios, combined with the proliferation of entrants to this industry, vastly reducing income for porn performers.

    And the porn twitter community definitely deserves a thread if it's always like you mention.

    This is extremely correct.

    However, I never expected that porn would somehow be infected with SJWs.. After all, this is the industry that gave birth to the phrase "suitcase pimp", not to mention the frequent degradation of women for money, which are both anathema to pearl clutchers of any ideology.
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  7. a lot of women in porn end up killing themselves albeit she is the first to go in the name of social justice. A big win for the faggots
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  8. You support women refusing to work with homos unless their work means they have to have sex with them?
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    Was anything archived? It's funny how it's ok to harass people for not wanting to risk AIDS from a guy who did gay porn in an industry that already has an issue with AIDS in general. But if they commit suicide over your harassment you can't even be bothered to own up to it. Because now you are the reason she committed suicide in the first place. Oh I didn't realise my nonsensical bullying over someone who understands that high risks she would have put herself under was wrong. Silly me.

    It is if you are having sex with someone. There's nothing wrong with this as long as it's not used as a form of harassment. The minute sex is involved it's no longer personal and confidential. No one wants a surprise poz in their neg hole.

    Well excuse people for not wanting to get AIDS. Who cares about the wording? I assumed clean meant drug free. IV drug use greatly ups your risk.

    Well that one out of three person needs to get themselves tested then. That's their responsibility.

    Being HIV-phobic is not a thing when it comes to sex. It's about not wanting to get infected. Excuse people for not wanting AIDS.

    I really hate how things are now. As soon as you voice concern about the dangers a marginalized group might pose to you here comes the bully squad. Who promptly delete everything once someone dies.
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    Dysnomia I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave

  10. Well, think about it...

    SJWs are usually some kind of sexual deviant - Gender-Queer, trans, sex worker, paedophile etc... They don't have a very healthy perspective of sex and a lot of that is probably influenced by porn. Just look at some of the ratkings and lolcows here and see how many of them have normal, healthy sex lives. Not a lot. Remember all those Male Feminist Allies?
    Sex positive feminism is the in-thing at the moment. Even the more squeamish SJWs will stand up for a woman's right to do what she wants with her own body, even if that means doing some really fucked up stuff on camera for money. It's not degrading if you call it empowerment.

    I think the porn industry really needs it's own thread here. This is just the start. We've tapped a new gold vein of potential lolcows, horrorcows and careercows I think.
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  11. "Clean healthy guy" can also mean absolutely zero STDs, not only HIV. If you put up "seeking an HIV negative guy," does that mean you're open to getting infected with any other STD?

    I guess STD-status is the new protected status after faggots stopped being discriminated against.
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  12. So does that make it weird to spank it to her porn now or that like pressing F to pay respects?
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  13. Yeesh imagine how humiliating it would be to get hiv because you willingly let your wife fuck another man.
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  14. I'd say go for it. If she wanted to do something more meaningful with her life she should have done that.

    I remember a sex ed class from years ago where they said that the proper term was STI, sexual transmitted illness, not STD because "disease" had a negative connotation. Heaven forbid that syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV have "negative connotations" or people might start thinking they're bad.
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  15. Relistening to the podcast interview she did a few months ago, she was certainly a troubled person but open about it all. Her mother was a terrifying bipolar nightmare in her childhood and "was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder" (I doubt it), and Ames ended up with bipolar too. (Also claimed to have multiple personality disorder, but I'm chalking that up to confusion on her part.) Untreated childhood sexual trauma from being molested by her grandfather, and her father never believed her about the molestation leading to a strained relationship and self-admitted "daddy issues." And, unsurprisingly, she had a history of severe depression that she didn't want treated with "pills." But she claimed to take medication for her bipolar disorder. To her credit, she had dropped all substances including weed and alcohol because she couldn't handle them.

    The interviewer was sympathetic and delicately urged her to see a therapist and start dealing with her childhood trauma, which clearly still held a lot of power over her life. She'll never get the chance now.

    In a lot of ways, she was a porn stereotype. It's just sad.
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  16. She refused to suck AIDS-riddled faggot cock?

    That's so racist.
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  17. Anyone in the porn industry is probably either a sociopathic narcissist, or a damaged individual, sometimes both. And yet it's filled with these people signalling how they are so virtuous. And then when a damaged girl gets pushed over the edge by these people that make out that they cared so much about mental health and rights and womens choice, the moment they could be called a shit human being, that they could have had something to do with someones suicide, they absolve all responsiblity.

    It's just like if Hollywood's movies were just them filming their casting couch sessions, that's all it is.
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  18. Shaming a woman because of who she chooses not to fuck is the definition of rape culture.

    And using the same harassment tactics against people you don't like that you claim are unacceptable when it happens to you is the definition of crybullying.
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  19. Careful not to cut yourself on that edge brotherdude.
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