Post Images Without Knowing Which Images You're Posting - Likely to become NSFW

Jigaboo Jones

My Own Two Feet Stepped Footwork of Good Runnings
Forum game:

- Use the [attach] tag with arbitrary numbers inside it to randomly post an image that has been uploaded to the farms at some point, like so:

[attach] some number [/attach]

Sometimes it does come back as having been deleted or something you don't have access to (sekret mod/kewl kids klub or where deleted posts are black holed to or something.)

The numbers are sequential and as of this posting go up to about 588,000.


- Edit and react to what you get:
- Try and guess what you're going to get.
- Make fun of what other people get.

If you want to do True and Honest™ random Google can very conveniently do this for you just by googling "random number generator" it asks for a number 1...n; currently the attachments go up to somewhere near but not quite 588,000. Or of course you could just bang on the keyboard like a monkey or enter some lucky number.

They are in chronological order ... so it may also be amusing to try to look back at random points.

The 1st image ever attached at the farms (or rather,the CWCkiForums at that time), for instance, was:

View attachment 1


The next ones, though:

View attachment 2
View attachment 3

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