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Post Images Without Knowing Which Images You're PostingLikely to become NSFW

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jigaboo Jones, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Forum game:

    - Use the [attach] tag with arbitrary numbers inside it to randomly post an image that has been uploaded to the farms at some point, like so:

    [attach] some number [/attach]

    Sometimes it does come back as having been deleted or something you don't have access to (sekret mod/kewl kids klub or where deleted posts are black holed to or something.)

    The numbers are sequential and as of this posting go up to about 588,000.


    - Edit and react to what you get:
    - Try and guess what you're going to get.
    - Make fun of what other people get.

    If you want to do True and Honest™ random Google can very conveniently do this for you just by googling "random number generator" it asks for a number 1...n; currently the attachments go up to somewhere near but not quite 588,000. Or of course you could just bang on the keyboard like a monkey or enter some lucky number.

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  2. kiwifarms.net
  3. shasetoma.

    shasetoma. common SSR

  4. Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  5. That honestly not that bad. Just a bit cringe. That's mild compared to the other shit on this thread
  6. Wait were we supposed to look at them before posting? I couldnt because connection is shit
    View attachment 13909
    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  7. I would think so. Because you posted a picture of a fnaf cake
  8. Well here goes nothing then
    View attachment 21889
    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
    True & Honest Fan

  9. Ron /pol/

    Ron /pol/ my.mixtape.moe/fmazxh.webm

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