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Sean Harris

He is still using the word Frick.

He has clearly been watching too much SammyClassicSonicFan.

Fun fact about Sammy (and give me an off topic badge): A friend of mine was the one responsible for discovering him. He left a comment on my friend's videos, and that's how it all began...
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pleeeeease suscriiiibe
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i've had it recording through the whole thing. i've noticed that on a couple jace's streams on youtube that when they're played post-broadcast they skip a lot, so i'll just keep recording.

Sean Harris

brain doesn't work? either he's high (likely), or he has a concussion (still likely)
That's pretty much me if I eat gluten.

And I am loling that people never want to see him play Duke Nukem Forever. Did you people saw how he acted about that game? It would be glorious to see him play it more.

So Jace was talking in depth about the crash and moving back in with his mom. He wouldn't go into detail about why he moved back on stream but someone in the chat asked if Bitch Mom threatened to press charges if he wouldn't and Jace confirmed this to be true.


fbi most wanted sskealeaton
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(not very) Interesting bit of trivia. I tried loading the video through a synchtube type thing and it came up as blocked in DE, which I presume is Germany.
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