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  • Order for the new server will be going in ASAP. Performance will be rocky until then (rip).

Should we have a fish hook rating?

  • Yea

    Votes: 460 84.9%
  • Nay

    Votes: 82 15.1%

  • Total voters

So @BlueSpark I assume you'll be creating a vectorized version of the new rating plus pushing the revised version of the previous ratings?
I have and submitted them to Null. I'm not sure whether he actually intends to update the ratings again but hopefully he will.

Edit: Null's keeping the icons how they are.
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I, Scout, humbly present a toast to Miss Pauling!
I have ran into a weird glitch. It shows that I have access to the supporter stickers/ratings for some reason. At first I thought Darth Feeder was embracing his inner EA and clicking on them would give you a message to buy the dlc donate, but if I try to use one it just gives me an error message.
That happens from time to time, just wait a minute he’ll fix it.