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Should we have a fish hook rating?

  • Yea

    Votes: 757 86.2%
  • Nay

    Votes: 121 13.8%

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Plague Flea

facially plausible
True & Honest Fan
Jan 17, 2021
I’m just relieved that this is a general issue and the lack of ratings options isn’t because I’m on the naughty step for something.

But of all the times for it to happen - just as the Kevin Gibes thread reaches hitherto unknown extremes of Islamic Content!

Marshal Mannerheim

Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
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Dec 6, 2020
Don't hold out on me, man, I need my fix. 🎩🤔☪️🧩

edit: 🥇

Zero Day Defense

Includes Rumble Pak (tm)
Mar 27, 2019
I don’t like this. I am going to sperg out if I can’t rate people autistic.
how am I supposed to rate this comment autistic

it's clearly autistic, it talks about manifesting a belligerent autism because he won't be able to mark others as "autistic"

what am i supposed to do, give him a thumbs down? give him a heart?


Jun 24, 2020
Gotta be honest even though I post in a&no a good bit I post in other sections as well and I think it’ll be a good change for that plus happenings. Too many people get fucking ass mad over god damn stickers and hell just turn them off (notifications) I don’t see why so many people get bent about them. dare I say it might actually make a&n/h better places.