Post the random.txt currently on your screen - 2nd edition


Slow down there, Speed Racer!
This idea seemed popular enough in the Garden so let’s bring it here

”I AM the Second Coming of the Christ and I often get confused.”
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I cry every time
”Stop realising personal info on kiwifar and tell your friends to back off,I will no hesitate to involve the police!”


Heir of the Sunrising STD
”i've actually been talking to authorities about internet crime since january 19, 1999 and haven't gotten a fucking thing done.”

Clown Baby

we're really nice now
True & Honest Fan
”that "sjw" in the video they were making fun of is now a target of the kiwifarm sociopaths for the crime of being impassioned and fat”

Doctor Eradicate

It's just a cold bro!
“I must look very silly.”
“Do not feel bad about it. We are alive, after all. And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment.”
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”Elliot Rodger was right about many of these things but unfortunately never managed to understand the problem the way I did – had he been given a chance to do so he might still be alive.

Judge Holden

Explorer in the further regions of autism
True & Honest Fan
”If you want to save your son, and your family name, better go down again very, very soon.”