Post the random.txt currently on your screen - 2nd edition

constant exposure

The most inept that ever stepped
”I asked my mother to have sex with me during that horrible year of 2011 out of pure desperation, twice, and once in 2012...Which she should have done. The fact that she didn't shows just how much she cares about me and my frustration. In any normal country she'd be killed for that alone.”


Very noise indeed
”A superior community to discuss lolcows and drama. It's not run by an international fugitive that jerks off to gay child pornography.”

Return of the Freaker

The ass was THIS fat
”I've beaten a man unconscious with my bare hands while bleeding from a gunshot wound, and on a different occasion sliced open another like a salmon while staring him in the eyes”


Mr. Bones

The ride never ends
”I am well aware it's wrong to bite kids, which is why I have truthfully not done it in decades, since my own childhood (if even then).”

Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
"I won't respond to questions about KiwiFarms. KF is a terrorist website."