Post the random.txt currently on your screen - 2nd edition

Doctor Placebo

Western education is sin.
”Repair of vaginal prolapse following penoscrotal flap vaginoplasty in a male-to-female transsexual.”


True & Honest Fan
”Ive been convicted of cyberstalking and harassment before, i know exactly what line you have to cross...”

Had to post it after seeing it just now.

”He is a goyim”


Love to hate.
That's not cool man, now everyone will rate my posts dumb and autistic!

No Exit

Bronze Medal Racist
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”Is this what you fuckers do? Mock others for eccentricities?”


Straight A student in special ed.
”So he's into weird, depraved shit. That's pretty much half our userbase. Where is the funny stuff?”

Brain Power

”Edit: I decided to look back there for myself and my anus looks healthy. I do not believe I need to bleach it.”

Mr. Bones

The ride never ends
”Its amazing you all laugh at furries and accept gays. Both are deviations from the norm. Apparently tolerance is arbitrary.”