Post the random.txt currently on your screen - 2nd edition

Brain Power
”I've beaten a man unconscious with my bare hands while bleeding from a gunshot wound, and on a different occasion sliced open another like a salmon while staring him in the eyes”

The 3rd Hooligan

I have no eyes but I must shitpost
”Kiwi farms folks are nothing more than techie scum basement dwelling CisManBroPigs who feast on Mountain Dew, Doritos, and human misery.”


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.


Token Hispanic Friend
True & Honest Fan
"i fear for my life every day because trump won't give me money for me to waste on striped socks, used panties and a webcam to show the world how girly i am"



Have a nice day
”my therapist isn't going to like that "the website where i make fun of autistic transgender people" is in my life again.”

Pond Scum

”I asked my mother to have sex with me during that horrible year of 2011 out of pure desperation, twice, and once in 2012...Which she should have done. The fact that she didn't shows just how much she cares about me and my frustration. In any normal country she'd be killed for that alone.”
Always a favorite.


The user above drew Sonic inflation pics for cash.
“i am a lover and a builder too"

“of rape.”