Post the reason you were banned from DSP's life -

I was perma banned by Phil for asking when he'll play Mario Sunshine, during that whole saga. I wasn't even being a troll, I just asked because I saw tweets about how he wasn't going to play it.

Last week I nicely explained my case to a couple mods, and one of them agreed to unban me "as long as I promised to behave in the chat"

I got banned the next day during Burnout Paradise when Phil was picking a car. He kept leaning heavily on "ORRRRRRRRR" when he was asking what people liked more. He snorted at one point as he always does and I commented "snORRRRRRRRRRRRt". Ban hammer struck again within seconds.

It's fun to egg on his chat with #SaveTheHouse messages but when his mods are as Ban-happy as they are, it's just not worth trying to participate.

EDIT: I also got blocked from his Instagram when he posted a picture of the second (of three) controllers Phil bought in order to help his performance at Ultra Street Fighter 2 Turbo on Switch. I commented "It was definitely the controller holding you back until now."
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This was my depression
On Twitter. And I'm way more triggered by it than I should be because I believe in my right to speak. And I love to read my own genius. Unfortunately he has the right to put fingers in his ears and yell "Lalala".

It was one of these cold rainy days when he needed a cheer up, because perhaps depression. He also couldn't talk to Kat about his problem cuz she was asleep. Yes, it was one of the gin-nights.
My cheer up was more like an advice combined with a question for clarification. He should go to bed because the early bird is usually a cheerful one, while being up all night ruins the body. I asked why their schedules don't overlap when he creates his own schedules. And then stated: Go to bed Phil.

No insults towards me, not towards him, not a single word, just blocked. Maybe he knew my name from KF, maybe he's just a whiny baby.
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It is business related, and I still own it.
Same here. Except it was Japanese during Yakuza6. JanneySaurusRex (the mod who moved to Japan) is fluent in Japanese and confirmed I said no memes in Japanese but Phil apparently "doesn't allow foreign languages." He's never written that in his rules. Lol.
It's funny because the banning of political talk isn't in his rules, either.
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Praise the Sun!
He was streaming Street Fighter V and getting salty bitching about "online only tactics" so I brought up that not only has he never played Street Fighter V offline, that he also hasn't played any fighting game offline in over a decade. Instant life-time ban from the thick-skinned king of hate.
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I miss the time when the show was good
I was banned from hiastreams since i talked shit abou his fighting game "skill" while he was "playing" MKX and no i didn't him cash


"Why can't you act like a regular sociopath?"
Last year's Christmas time MGS marathon (I think), I tuned into his MGS2 stream. I wanted to give him an honest chance, for once. He's talking so I leave. I came back something like a half hour later and I said "is he still talking? When does the game start?" and left. Come back another half hour later, game's going. I type something into the chat and I get the "banned" message. Go figure.
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"nothing you could do"
During his playthrough of bloodborne.
He legitimately couldn't
Jesus, didn't he "reclaim" that phrase? I see it in all of his shitty artwork, I didn't think he'd ban for something like that.

Some of these are so ridiculous and seem to have all been done by BSV, it made me wonder if it's as easy to get banned these days without him but it sounds like Phil's just as bad with the hammer.