Post the reason you were banned from DSP's life -

You can get banned for any reason and the next day he reverses his opinion on the ban but wont unban you

For example:
Anyone asking about the last dsp tries it? banned. Day after? he announces when it will be
Anyone memeing? banned. Day after? trying to monetise those memes

I could go on but I'm not gonna
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Paul Rudd

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Literally asked "how's it hanging?" in twitch chat and was instantly banned haha. I had never commented on anything of his before.
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Engaging in cultural trench warfare
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Asked in Twitch chat whether he and KG were bonding over their mutual love for horses.
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Best Italian sauce this side of the Mississippi.
I think it was calling him a piece of shit. Nothing very special as it was when I first learned about him and before KF.

I was just banned the other day for stating “telling people to not cheer / cutting twitch out of the equation probably isn’t a solid idea” and straight up BEGGING for tips was incentive for me to NOT contribute. You’re okay with the tips you get immediately- but what twitch gets a cut of - you ask us to “I’d prefer if you didn’t “ cheer ? Shady. Greedy. Etc. instant ban for that.i finally got what I wanted all along. A ban under my belt. Lol
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I wanna Cum Daddy

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Haven't been banned but I did piss him off on Twitter by asking when he would make new videos in a series of his. He replied and basically told me to fuck off and "he'll do it when he feels like it DOOD kahm ahn."


I got banned from Phillip's Life because I am an immature dumb kid who hasn't grown up to be a full-time mature adult human who owns his own business and has to pay bills and taxes and has a grown-up house and a full-time live-in wife and cat, who hates his life and only makes fun of others online because I'm a no-load nudnik and would get my ass kicked if Phillip ran into me in real life, and am an idiot no-life stupidfuck.

1. Primary Twitch account: after a two months "fake fan" experience, was banned for typing "is khet pregnant phil?" Sent him into a fury, called me a fucking asshole detractor who spams chat with KingKozatof. Will never be welcome back. By the way, if you want more proof that DSP reads KF, the reason why this message sent him into a furor was because it was the same day a thread on the farms was created about Khet being possibly pregnant. That was back in April/ May 2019.

2. Secondary Twitch account: banned for telling him that his connection in SF 3rd Strike didn't look laggy. Just a lean in ban, no mention.

3. Tertiary Twitch account: banned for typing "contributions ARE mandatory" while he was doing his awful plugs segment.

4. Quaternary Twitch account: banned for pointing that he has offered no proof for his tax saga and that he's cried wolf too many times for people to trust him.

I'm kinda done making sock accounts for a while because you get banned too fast with a fresh new sock account by either Phil or his mods. Plus, his chat is so fucking boring. During that month he banned me, KingKozatof, Jakeslikescats, and a couple of other memey/ fun trolls, the chat has become complete horseshit.

Only the likes of dakkysmurf have the patience to constantly bait/ troll Phil by asking seemingly innocuous questions but there's no way I could be doing this for a year. I lasted two months and re-made 3 sock accounts in 2 days a few months later but I don't think I'm ever venturing in a Twitch DSP stream ever again. Detractor recaps are just fine.

banned again for saying in chat "stop using mentally ill as an insult"
Same here. I had to dig up overrustle logs, but I said "Using mental illness as an insult?" after a rant about internet meanies. This was sometime after his depression stream. Banned.

It can't be hard to drop that from his vocabulary. Calling people mentally ill as an insult after invoking his depression for $ympathy is shitty, even just from a reputational standpoint.

Even people with down syndrome know better than to call others "exceptional individuals" (the actual R word).

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