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This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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Feb 24, 2015
This is an oldie but still quite a gem. PTSquirrel / PTSDSquirrel is a notorious lolcow around certain circles. He RPs as his OC, PTSquirrel, who is a Squirrel who has post traumatic stress disorder. Snowflake status, check.

On Newgrounds he was what one would call a "whistle cow" because his reputation on the site swirled around all the chimp outs abusive reviews he'd leave where he would call the author a piece of shit for either submitting something not up to his retarded standards or for being affiliated with the Clock Crew. Sperg status, check.

This behavior led to a Flash movie being made in his "honor". Also, yes, his dialog in the animation is a quote from one of his reviews. You won't find the review it was ripped from because it, along with a third of his reviews, were obliterated long ago. After having his reviews annihilated, he accused the site of censorship and attempted to gather up his own blam crew, which was quickly disbanded by mods. Lolcow, check.

It gets so much better, you get to see him sperg on camera now. Yes, he had a presence on Youtube. Also, yes, he roleplays as an actual fucking squirrel, acting jittery 'n shit. Furfaggotry unconfirmed. Normal faggotry confirmed. Feel the cringe.

He is a shitty LPer. His computer is an outdated shitbox from Hell. The irony of this was that this meant he could only LP Flash games and his typical "criticism" of said games was that they weren't up to snuff with the shit you'd get on Steam, the same games his shitbox can't run.

Fun fact, he claims that he's a game designer despite never having made a game but consistently boasts that he is one. Liar, check.

His links are as follows: