Post videogame things that wouldn't be acceptable today. -

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The scumbag persona is just for shock value.
Yakuza 3 had a tranny who would sexually harass the protagonist, for instance.



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Also, IRC in Streets of Rage 3 the first mini-boss of the first level was a flamboyant homo with a leather cap and leather stockings, who would slap you instead of punching and cry after defeat. Then I watch DSP playing it and instead of him you fight two suits with extra health. But that's a real example.

Otherwise I choose the entirety of God Hand.
Kenshi has slavery. Hell, Kenshi has a cult-like religious faction that can and will enslave you for being the wrong race. Don't get me started on what happens if you picked to play as a nigger Skeleton. You'll mine away in a stone quarry for the sin of not being a human and/or not worshiping the Holy Flame of Okran. If you're a woman at an outpost, don't even think of initiating prayer day with the traveling preacher either. Women that speak out of turn will be punished.

Being a slave isn't actually so bad in the game. Your masters keep you alive and your enslaved characters work up various skills over time. It's basically free and safe training. Escaping isn't hard either.