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chibi mime kid

also since its the end of inktober, this will be my last daily draw thing for a while.. i've certainly learned a couple things thanks to drawing digitally that i will hopefully use in drawing with ink and paper
onto nano and nonut
Draw Betty Boop please.
Inktober, day 30: Struggle. Managed to spend several hours desperately trying to find a suitable poem by the Zen monk Ikkyū, who is said to have met and taught Jigoku-dayu ("the Hell courtesan", depicted here and surrounded by dying and undead beings).

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Trying to finishing it this week, because as we all are aware it's that spooky time of year.
Fantastic! The lines are beautiful dude, keep it up.


Salus Sueciae
Jigokudayu.png 20181108_222424.jpg 20181108_222529.jpg

Finished! "Jigoku dayū" - the courtesan of Hell. The mythical courtesan is surrounded here by dead, dying and undead beings. Her kimono depicts scenes of torment from Hell; restless, hungry souls, pretas, clawing at each other in desperation.

The text above this scene reads:

有漏路より無漏路へ帰る 一休み

"From the realm of illusions,
We return to the realm of no illusions,
One rest."

This translation was made by Sonja Arntzen in her thesis (there are a few variations), page 12:


It is a part of a poem written by the eccentric Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyū (1394-1481), who, as I mentioned in my previous post, according to legend met and brought Jigoku dayū to enlightenment. "一休み", or "hitoyasumi", means both "one rest" and the Japanese reading of Ikkyū's own name.

The first picture is the full, unedited scan, whereas the others are pictures of the drawing behind glass. 28 x 19 cm.

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