"Post your Art" Thread -


A disappointment to my family
Vaporeon sketch, kinda messed up the legs
I've been liking this pokemon more and more recently, probably since its almost summer. Giving me summer/pool vibes
Heres the final product, had a bit of a mess up with a paint pen (pushed down to much) and it left a big blotch, but I decided to just with it and try to salvage it


Agent Nahman Jayden

Acts like he's from space
I come bearing fanart because original characters are for talented people.

Troy - Nosebleed.png

One of my favourite things to draw for friends are Ghosts from Destiny/2 with colour palettes they choose. They're fun and a nice way to make use of a limited set of colours.

I'm a Sleeping Above Stasis Ghost.png
I'm Avery's Ghost.png


Salus Sueciae
i like art nouveau style, but it's too time consuming to do it exactly how they used to do it. especially the ornate graphical embellishments and geometric flourishes
Once again, nice work! Jugend is truly an amazing art style, always appreciated the heavy lines and general inspiration for decorative elements from the natural world.

larssonmidwinterssacrificefinal.jpg svemlgltoizj3jwcxjx2.jpg

Completed an album cover recently, depicting a phoenix rising from the base of the pyramid, symbolizing strength and rejuvenation. It is surrounded by the death goddess Isis and the war god Anhur, and gazed upon from above by the eye of Ra.


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