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Bizarre Monkey

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If she's supposed to be stuck to a wall, then the way her right braid moves in the wind feels a bit unnatural. The bit pinned behind her arm should be mostly stationary while the top and bottom part should be moving separately.
This should be a fair bit better.

Here's another part of the animation i did before all these.

Background isn't mine but it will be by the final interpretation.

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Posted this in Random Pics, then remembered this thread existed.

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A simple animation inspired by a song I found recently
Animation is pretty fun, if it didn't take so long I'd be cranking several out every other day
Agreed. Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to animate a feather waving, and even then, I only managed it after watching a tutorial on the wave principal.
(I would also recommend studying the 12 Principles of Animation, interesting stuff.)

Bizarre Monkey

Intimidatingly Harmless and Hamless.
Ahuhu~ Speaking of animations!

Here's this one i've been working on. remastering these cutscenes has been such an optimistic experience so far.

Below is the animation by itself for those curious. It's got a few issues but nothing which will be spotted in 4 seconds of non-stationary animation.


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Is clip studio paint any good? I've heard it's really good in general and I'm considering switching to it from krita, but the UI is a bit daunting to work with
Well, I was able to move the UI around to baaaasically the same setup as I was previously using in medibang so that's not a problem.
As for the hair I must admit I took her back to medibang to use the Watercolor (Wet) brush, since I haven't yet found a suitable alternative in CSP :oops: I also can't figure out how to keep imported brushes from disappearing between sessions.