"Post your Art" Thread -


As well as fan Digimon, I do fakemon, so I might as well post my starters

Dradix (draco+radix, Latin for root)

Dradix are fascinated by flight, and often use their powerful legs to launch forwards, but due to a lack of control in the air they crash most of the time.

Design notes: Dradix is inspired by the Draco Volans, with leaves rather than skin and goggle markings to link into a later evolution theme. It acts quite cocky when flying but is shy and insecure when on the ground. It's body is intended to be vaguely rocket shaped.

Scorchling (scorch+scorpling, baby scorpion)

Scorchling collect sand to melt it down and spray from their tails as a weapon. They're easily aggravated, so trainers beware!

Design notes: I wanted to make this one use fire in a less straightforward way, so I thought of scorpions and then glass- they go together as scorpions live in sand and glass is made from it. I then tried to abstract the bug parts, and it ended in the claw-like legs and armoured face.

Washtro (wash+rostro, Latin for beak)

Washtro are often mistakenly called grumpy, due to their large forehead bubbles obscuring their eyes and making them look angry. In fact, they're very optimistic and often spend their time washing beaches or their trainer's possessions. Oil slicks excite them especially, and for some reason they sit and absorb the oil.

Design notes: I'll be honest, I made this line specifically for the pun I can make with the final form. It's based on how fluffy baby Petrels are, but with bubbles rather than feathers, and the wings are made to be vaguely wave like. The large forehead is in place to emphasise the bubble theme and make it more babylike, as it's a neotenous feature.

Edit: feel free to quote and say which you'd pick
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