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Hopefully this guy fulfils any hype you guys may have had for Sharovine's final

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Quetzelerate (Quetzacoatlus+accelerate)

They jet through the skies at incredible speeds, powered by the sun, and can keep going for hours after it sets. The pods on their legs are capable of shooting rapidfire bullet seeds, as well as many other grass-type projectiles, and their beaks can stab through iron.
They enjoy performing tricks for admiring audiences, and teach the younger Dradix and Sharovine how to fly without crashing.

Design notes: it was kinda hard trying to Poke-fy a Quetzacoatlus' already pretty wacky anatomy, but I did three main things that I think helped-
-Developed Sharovine's goggles into a jet pilot's helmet screen
-made the fin on his head into a plane's tailfin
-vastly simplified the wing anatomy and added the 'guns'

Gar For Archer

Haven't drawn in a while, but I read Deadman Wonderland recently and was sorely disappointed by the almost complete non-existence of fan art for it and knew exactly what I had to do:

(Yes, I'm gonna do my usual thing where I update my post with progress as I do more work on it.)

e: Trying yet another technique for line art where I use super thick lines and shave off bits and pieces with an eraser to achieve my desired shape, then shaving off most of the outline on the outside until it's reached my desired level of thin-ness. Gives me a much more precise foundation to trace over to get a final clean line art.
e2: Yep, FINALLY found a good process for doing line art. The "stabilization" setting that Clip Paint Studio has on its brushes certainly helps a lot with making clean lines. This is literally the first time I've actually been satisfied with my line art. Not sure how I'm gonna do the colors yet, though.

I'm really enjoying playing with these more dynamic poses, took a couple tries to get the look I wanted but I feel like I've successfully captured an element of motion here.


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