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Return Of The Spinning Kiwis From Middle Earth~~
True & Honest Fan
Following up on the popular Post Your Cats thread, I figured why not make one for those of us that aren't crazy cat ladies- those who like dogs, or spiders, or reptiles, or any other awesome pet.
This is Sylvanas (yes, I'm an ex-WoW-player). She sleeps when she's not being a furry ball of mischievous energy.


Uki uki motherfucker
Here is my old dog Spike, he died last summer leaving the other 3 behind

here's mufasa. He have a fluffy sister and he found frozen pizza outside

I have another dog named Nala. she is a fluffly lil fuck who will ignore what you say and act like a rag doll when you pick her up. she refuse to sit still so I don't have a photo of her yet.

here's jade the mom to mufasa and Nala she is very excitable and get mad if you don't play fetch with her.