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it just goes on and on and on and on...
I’m not posting my dogs, because their pics are all over other family members public pages, but I am going to shill for a place I bought something from.

I’ll probably get dumb or off-topic posts for this, but they are amazing for a stuffed animal that looks like your pet. If anybody has an older pet they want to have a memorial of, I’d recommend them. I bought one as a gift and it’s almost spooky how real it looks.


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I miss my dog Max now. He's been gone since 2000. I'm super depressed now ._.
I know how you feel. We had to bury our yellow lab and “outside dog”, Rooney, a few months ago after he escaped his pen and got lost. We found him the next day a few blocks away, lying contorted in someone’s front yard. He had been hit so hard he got flung several feet off the side of the road. I remember being kind of bummed out and suggested we haul him to a vet, but it wouldn’t have done any good, because we tried rolling him over and he was already in rigor mortis. My dad and I just sort of shrugged it off and were like, “Well... that’s life.”

Rooney was a good boy. :)


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I'm surrounded by cats 24/7 but I saw my Grandma's doggos for the holidays.
That's Roxy mid sneeze, and Baxter is in the back looking sad. He's fine, just exhausted by the hyper pupper.


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Today is one of the worst days of my life, if not the worst. We had to put Clancy, my 15-year-old dog, to sleep because her health rapidly declined this weekend. Her prognosis was very poor so we all agreed that euthanasia was the best thing we could do for the dog who had given us so much love and happiness for 15 years.

I don't know what else to say other than I feel like a big part of me died when Clancy did. We were inseparable ever since I was a little girl; I only have a few memories of what life was like before her. It still doesn't feel real. I just can't believe I lost something so precious to me.

I have Viktor.

He is African Grey Congo like this image.

I was very young man working a job in NYC. I just recently come to US with mother. Viktor was young bird with very bad owner. He lived in shithole bar and his owner would hit cage, scream at bird, and such all the time. Bird had no feathers from plucking. Just sad sores and even though I know nothing of birds, I could see bird is not doing well.

I convince owner to give me bird as best idea or owner would have problems. I was 14 or so. I give Viktor proper name and teach him not to bite. I got Viktor to stop plucking. He is good bird. Like chicken when I am home.

About 20 years later, I still have bird. I never get my freedom. Bird got me through return from combat with PTSD and that shit. No matter where i go for work, Viktor always waits for me with my mother. It is like Christmas when I return.