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I think Becky just has nothing else to spend money on but junk tbh. No bills, obligations, etc. She spends like a tween. Most people quickly grow out of the phase where thinking an item is cute or funny to look at in the store or on the website means you have to own it. The reason people grow out of this phase is because they begin to realize that money doesn't grow on trees and you're going to feel like an asshole when you have a bill due but can't pay it because you bought too many snapbacks and posters. People make jokes about Amberlynn being a sugar mamma and while I do agree, I also think Becky is on SSI (welfare) and spends her check pretty much entirely on this kind of garbage.

I think at least half the shit Becky buys, her reasoning is "Oh, I recognize that. KoRn is a band from the 90s. I should buy this" And that's all it takes for her to feel something is worth buying. Seems she doesn't think through her purchases hardly at all. Also you can tell 100% of her belongings come from Spencers. A store full of crappy gag gifts/re.tarded impulse purchases.

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Aw man, that kid is a beanpole compared to our girls, and a hell of a lot more charismatic.
In the 80's that's what was "fat"
That's the "fat kid" that was the butthole of all the fat jokes, had to do the truffle shuffle, has no personality in any movie or tv show besides eating/being fat, etc etc. (No shade on The Goonies, love that classic)

Look at 2019 god. Chunk is downright svelte in comparison - not just to the Kentucky huffalumps like AmboLard, the Slatons, etc - but just to the massively obese average American and how fat ALL kids are in general. Like, holy crap. Chunk might be seen as a 'normal' or 'average' to MAYBE chubby or husky young boy today. The rest of the Goonies like Mouth and Data would be called skinny or beanpoles even though THEY are the healthy, normal sized kids.

Fucks me up.

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Please can Becky do a 100 days of NOT wearing an entertainment media related t-shirt challenge? How does she not understand that a V neck top would do her a huge favor? But no, she’s gotta be a walking billboard for nostalgia in lieu of a personality. Sometimes the colors and logos are so inharmonious with the snapbacks- not aesthetically pleasin'

Becky is bad for Amber. Her tv/movie/game consumption rivals Amber's food intake. The only time Becky really lights up is when she's talking about a nicktoon or one of her superhero friends from a movie. I'm starting to hope Amber blames some of her weight on Becky's sedentary hobbies because she IS a part of the problem. Homegorl really puts the re in Rebecca. Someone ought to air out her dirty laundry: her period stained Avengers underoos. Y'all go run and tell that and then go cry to someone else lol