Post your favorite Becky oufit -

YES! This is one of my all-time favorite moments. I think someone made a webm of it... if not someone fucking SHOULD. Full-body shot of Amberlynn chair-dancing in the background. Lobotomized becks staring into the camera like a serial killer while singing along. Goddamn now I have to go find it hold on...

I suggest you watch on 0.25 speed

That was legit horrifying


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This throwback pic (back when she had a discernable chin) is one of my favorites because it's classic Becks:
  • The backwards neon snapback
  • The Hot Topic horror tee
  • Walmart hoodie
  • An attempt at a mean-mug
  • 90's cartoon lanyard to accessorize
I've always wondered what she put on those lanyards. Her housekey? Her Subway punchcard? A Hot Topic club card? A key to a secret cupboard where she can hide her Hot Cheetos stash from the BingeMonster?
her fingernails are so dirty :cryblood:

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