Post your favorite video game and the first song that you think of that comes to mind when playing this game. -


Standing in the school hallway.

Note that I prefer "Passing Breeze" but "Splash Wave" is the first track that comes to my mind because it's the track used for the "attract mode" of OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast.



Standing in the school hallway.
Nice GIF!

On a tangent, if we're talking about songs not from the game itself that we think of when we think of a game, here's my pick which I have come to mentally associate with the original OutRun.

Explanation: song released in 1986, just like OutRun, very synth heavy 1980s pop, music video is shot in Florida (I think) showing palm trees and beaches like the first stage in OutRun and it even has a hot sports car (a Corvette Stingray instead of a Ferrari Testarossa but it still matches the mood of the game).
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The excellence of tiddyness

An underrated classic. It was one of the best vehicular combat games to be created with a susbstantially better soundtrack. It's a shame it never got a remaster given how horribly it runs on using the dgVoodoo compatinility layer. To achieve optimal performance and maximum graphical fidelity (for its time) you would have to build a rig using components from that time period. Not to mention running dgVoodoo on Linux would require a workaround such as using tools like DXVK or DXGL or Wine because of the API it chooses to use.

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I'd say its Yoshis Island. The music is impeccable and the game is flawless for me.

Not really a song I think of when playing the game, but i think Killer Instinct has some of the best music for any fighting game. Also this:
Is hot and I wish things were like this again.
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Although it mostly works in reverse, especially since I haven't played UO in over a decade now.
I was listening to this in about 2004 just as we built a good house with my friend and were still exploring the mechanics of the Third Dawn era UO (having only played on a Second Age server before that).
Fuuck, I can just see the exact spot near the swamps above Trinsic..