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YESSS! I made latkes today for the first time ever, I hope they're good, these were the last of the batch so they look a little more eggy
They look not that great, but its also bad food by bad people who cook bad...(no bakingpowder, less flour, less eggs, more nutmeg)
the German/polish variant is much better. also JEws dont understand that you have to eat them with thicc not to sweet applesauce or smoked salmon.

Johan Schmidt

Slav gold is one of the best vegetables. I love mashed potato, boiled potato, partially boiled, lightly dusted with flour and then fried in oil to make the best roast potato's. Perfection.

Buster O'Keefe

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Tartiflette is the bomb: spuds, bacon, onion, cream and cheese. Dauphinoise potatoes are a great fancy side. Less refined heaps of colcannon and champ are also fantastic sides. I have plenty of love for the humble tuber.
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