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Potential evidence of DSP using viewbots

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by KingjadVCMP, Nov 19, 2018.

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no one can help you

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  1. I used my kiwifarms email to register. For what it's worth, they use a "credit" system where you can complete "actions" (i.e., watch a video for a set period of time, like, or subscribe to a channel) or just outright buy the credits. 10,000 credits can be bought for $7, and there are higher chunks that can be bought.

    1 credit = 10 seconds of view time on a video
    10 credits = 1 like on a video
    15 credits = 1 subscriber to a channel

    It's possible he looked into it and figured it wasn't worth it. The only month that looks suspicious starting from 1/2016 is 12/2016 where his monthly views went from ~2M to ~2.8M. So again, it's possible, but if it was even him, I doubt he actually carried through with anything.
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    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  2. @drgnkiller

    It says "Username or email already registered!" even when you don't finish the registration process.

    I've just tried it myself:

    - registered with a random username that could not have been taken (using a throwaway email address, which the site allowed)
    - checked if I received the mail with the confirmation link to complete the progress (I did)
    - did not touch the email or the confirmation link
    - changed IP
    - registered again with a completely different username and password, but with the same email address
    - result: 1.png

    Give it a try yourself (or anyone else who's reading this) just to be sure, but it might be a false alarm. This way anybody could've filled out his email address and "locked" it into their database.
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    #3 Comma, Nov 19, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  3. @drgnkiller

    Tagging you so you can spread it out on Twitter if you so choose.

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  4. PantsuParty

    PantsuParty Jimmy Norton's Sex Slave

  5. Do you have to confirm the email address to finish the registration process? If yes then we could at least say it's really Dave's account. I won't buy the "I was just curious" defence, cuz why would you register there in the first place we'll knowingly it's not legal?

    Wurstbrot The King of Suffering ACK ACK ACK

  6. Based on @Comma 's experience, it seems you could get up to the point of the confirmation email, but you don't have to do anything beyond that. So someone could have tried to register Phil's email address, realized they had to click the confirmation link sent to Phil's email, and given up. But anybody else trying to do it, presumably like the person who just found this out, would get a message that the email is already registered, even though it was never confirmed.

    And looking at Phil's Youtube numbers, there's only one month that stands out as a potentially botted month (12/2016). So it seems somewhat unlikely.
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  7. DSP spending money not on games and toys? I'm pressing X to doubt
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    BeanBidan Mah names not Shane, kid.

  8. Wasn't that the month he unprivated a bunch of videos or something? A specific playthrough I think
  9. Correct, 3DS playthroughs were set private after those SoK fanart copyright strikes in August 2015 since the overlays included fanart and he couldn't remove the fanart without rerendering them. During December 2016 he was still on & off playing Pokemon Moon 3DS and intending to start Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS at the end of the month (he did).
    So DSP set both the Layton vs. Wright & Zelda Majora's Mask 3D playthroughs public, boosting his view count by 600K+ and 250K+ respectively, so the real total is actually somewhere between 1.8 & 1.9mn.
    Text description below the Socialblade monthly views graph and the more exacting numbers for the Layton & Majora viewcounts courtesy of 2D2Will, who was still doing the monthly DSP views spreadsheets at this time. I usually have to give a rough estimate based on the difference from the daily views around the time.
    DSPGaming 201612 Adjusted monthly views.jpg
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  10. There was those few times earlier this year that his streams on Twitch suddently went from 200-300 t0 1200+ viewers in a very short time.
    02.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg

    Though @BSV claimed it was most likely done by a fan rather than Phil!
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    Dragoonism Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen.

  11. Okay so anybody could have tried to register him. Interesting.
    Unfortunately we can't use that information for a fake-login as we need his username (and perhaps the right password). This page would tell us if the account was verified, registry alone means very little with an wide open visible email which belongs to a guy who gets trolled all the time.

    Just for the sake of argument, even if it's the real deal there is still no confirmation he used that account for anything. It would just strengthen the evidence. And as we know Dave is amazingly good in looking shady even if he does nothing wrong.
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    Wurstbrot The King of Suffering ACK ACK ACK

  12. Yeah I can't say this is particularly damning. As pointed out, you don't even need to register/confirm the email for it to be logged on the sites database, and given the nature of some of his detractor speds, they have probably signed his public e-mail up to every controversial website imaginable, hoping to create a scandal.

    Additionally, hasn't he mentioned that he uses a separate e-mail for personal stuff anyway? The darksydephil@hotmail.com is his public contact mail. Maybe the mrstupid1 leaks prove otherwise though.

    ProdigalDuke Boundless and bare

  13. Well yes, to finish the registration to actually be able to use the account, you need to confirm the registration by clicking the confirmation link in the email, just like how most account creation processes work on most websites.

    But if you don't do anything with the email and you try to register an account using the same email address, the website will still have marked that email address as being in use already.


    My theory is that someone used his email just for the lulz, to troll him and/or to make him recieve some stupid newsletter. Note how DSP tends to complain about getting huge amounts of spam on his main email address.
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  14. There's a possibility he could have a second email because who on earth would still use hotmail as their main email. Doesn't he have a different login for his xbone?
  15. People make Phil accounts on all sorts of things, mostly dating sites. It's entirely plausible someone used Phil's email on the off chance somebody would stumble upon it, or whatever weird thought a person would have to do this. Even if it was Phil all this proves is he wastes money on poor investments which everyone already knows.
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  16. Very true, but that viewgrip site appears to only be for Youtube.
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  17. Who was the first who mentioned this? I heard it from drgnkiller.
  18. 1,3k viewers on dsp twitch? yea i call bullshit. his average is 400-500 and thats factoring in big games
  19. I don't think phil personally would use viewbots unless it would give him money. If there is some way to scam money out of it maybe. But just for fame and glory he wouldn't bother. Unless an action he takes = instant $$$ he doesn't bother with it. He is too lazy to do any real work or effort.
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