Predictions on Yanivs next antic -

What will Johnny do next!

  • Take a gynecologist to court for not treating him.

    Votes: 113 40.5%
  • Take an abortion clinic to court.

    Votes: 49 17.6%
  • Claim he is pregnant

    Votes: 98 35.1%
  • Get caught stealing a tampon bin

    Votes: 39 14.0%
  • Try and cross the US border to get to Blair white

    Votes: 34 12.2%
  • Get caught in a grooming sting

    Votes: 94 33.7%
  • Actually molest someone then claim it was a " social experiment"

    Votes: 86 30.8%
  • Try and Join the KKK or some other racist group

    Votes: 13 4.7%
  • Sue racist group for not letting him join.

    Votes: 26 9.3%
  • Claim he has fucked his mum.

    Votes: 28 10.0%
  • Pretend to convert to islam or some other protected group

    Votes: 73 26.2%
  • Try and get a job with his fake degree, then sue when refused.

    Votes: 73 26.2%
  • Start his own range of tampons.

    Votes: 28 10.0%

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Literally everything you listed is something he would and probably already has done though. But this is if someone doesn't run him over with a car before he has a chance to continue being an idiot.
I am actually trying to think of something that would surprise me but at this point, no matter how crazy, sick or demented the idea...I can still see yaniv doing it.

The fifth choice already happened with Cimorelli. No wonder the California high-speed rail project got cancelled.
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Put me down for "will join some skeezy far left internet based religious group, purchase a ministership/imamhood/rabbinic shroud or other lofty sounding title from said group, and use his status as ordained sister priestess to introduce religious discrimination to his lawlsuit arsenal"

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I'm going for the low hanging fruit here (pun intended), but I think the next premium JY content will come from either his eventual court date for the taser or the HRT ruling - whichever comes first. He always freaks out at the reporters and photo takers when he's in a venue like a courthouse or tribunal. Every time it happens he gets more physically aggressive yet he hasn't faced any legal repercussions for his assaults, so I think he's bound to eventually push it too far for the police to ignore. JY seems to be laying low right now so I suspect he might need to be poked a little to expedite his madness; hopefully that will happen soon.


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If he actually pees on a pregnancy test and it pops up positive I would laugh, and laugh, and laugh...
...especially if he posted it to Twitter, you know how excited he would be!