Predictions on Yanivs next antic -

What will Johnny do next!

  • Take a gynecologist to court for not treating him.

    Votes: 113 40.5%
  • Take an abortion clinic to court.

    Votes: 49 17.6%
  • Claim he is pregnant

    Votes: 98 35.1%
  • Get caught stealing a tampon bin

    Votes: 39 14.0%
  • Try and cross the US border to get to Blair white

    Votes: 34 12.2%
  • Get caught in a grooming sting

    Votes: 94 33.7%
  • Actually molest someone then claim it was a " social experiment"

    Votes: 86 30.8%
  • Try and Join the KKK or some other racist group

    Votes: 13 4.7%
  • Sue racist group for not letting him join.

    Votes: 26 9.3%
  • Claim he has fucked his mum.

    Votes: 28 10.0%
  • Pretend to convert to islam or some other protected group

    Votes: 73 26.2%
  • Try and get a job with his fake degree, then sue when refused.

    Votes: 73 26.2%
  • Start his own range of tampons.

    Votes: 28 10.0%

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According to Yaniv, he laid a trap for his accusers by making it seem like he was smooching with a 15-year-old in a parking lot. Ha ha, losers. Starts here.

He's now working on Number 11, but hasn't made it all the way to Mohammad. He's sobbing for Jeebus instead. Boo hoo hoo.
Bruh. That's wrong on so many levels even if it really was a trap or some kind of bait


In Soviet Canuckistan, tranny punch you.
Bruh. That's wrong on so many levels even if it really was a trap or some kind of bait
JY has consistently demonstrated that he has absolutely zero impulse control, ergo setting a trap of any sort is impossible for his psyche. No doubt he has many fantasies of dishing out delicious comeuppance on everyone whom he feels has wronged him, but he is as incapable of laying out a trap as he is of touching his own toes.

He is of an of-the-moment mind. He either lashes out or calls in the authorities.

Sure his various and sundry legal filings denote a lengthy process, but that is a function of the system, not JY's mind. I postulate that all of his filings were rage-pounded into his qwerty keys late at night while in his Walmart Whities an a fury of cut and paste from Black's Legal Dictionary, pausing only to air dust the cheeto crumbs caught under his Ctrl and V keys.


Time to sound the trumpets of autistic jihad!
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If he really wanted to prank us, he should've pulled out the XtremeGamez card and tried to fake his own death for clout.

EDIT: I am mildly intrigued by the idea of Yaniv pretending to be a Muslim only because he'd get absolutely dunked on by almost every Muslim with a functioning brain. Sadly, he's not in the right country to pretend. Oh if only he did that in Saudi Arabia...


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Sounds nothing like him. It's clearly missing the way his hearing impediment impacts his speech pattern.

Edit: Listened to it again. Sounds like an effeminate gay guy, def not Yaniv who sounds like he was dropped on the head. A nuanced difference.
The voice sounds like its coming from some twiggy little thing, I agree that it doesn't sound like Yaniv.
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If shrieking from a balcony isn’t enough, a public freak out where Yaniv screams at anybody passing by like a New York hobo wil be the next antic.