War Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has a meme problem - YangGang 2020

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For one-tenth a soul, or a sexual favor.
Methinks he doth have'st a sandy womanhood.

Plus it’s been three years and I still don’t own a harem of big tittied cat girls.
You're waiting for the wrong thing; the correct translated implication, is to join a harem of fig tittied fat girls.

Wait.... who told you this??


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Bonus drama:

Yang's donation counter on his website is a fraud: www.yang2020.com

It adds one one donation counter every minute exactly.

Refresh the page and you can see it exactly aligns with your minute count.

Also change your time zone then refresh and laugh your ass off as the counter goes up by hundreds.

Archive of code from website:

Snapshots of his website:


It's funny seeing how obvious Andrew Yang's his paid shills are. He doesn't realize that part of why it worked for Trump was because his members actually liked him, were actually real people. Andrew Yang is hilariously pathetic.I hope he keeps it up!
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Bonus drama:

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It's funny seeing how obvious Andrew Yang's his paid shills are. He doesn't realize that part of why it worked for Trump was because his members actually liked him, were actually real people. Andrew Yang is hilariously pathetic.I hope he keeps it up!
At the top of the 1.4.1 version of getDonors.js:
What’s up internet. We know you’re all over this. Here’s how it works.
We have to pull this data from a 3rd party provider, ActBlue. It’s slow.
So we do it manually. Thus we take our current growth rate and run at that rate every day.
It’s been about 1 new person per minute. We then reset manually every 24 hours.
It’s a little behind the real number but as accurate as we can get.
We’ll report the most hyper accurate number every quarter to the FEC.
Thanks for always keeping us honest.
and in the ver 1.2.0 code
const URL = '/wp-json/yang-api/v1/donorCount?now=' + Date.now();

const xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

// use latest number in case URL response still gets cached
const LAST_COUNT = 37000;
const MAX_COUNT = 65000;

const MARCH_FIRST_MIDNIGHT = (new Date('2019-03-01T00:00:00')).getTime();

const getDonors = function () {
  const DONE = 4;
  const OK = 200;

  const msSinceMarchFirst = Date.now() - MARCH_FIRST_MIDNIGHT;
  const minutesSinceMarchFirst = Math.floor(msSinceMarchFirst / (60 * 1000));

  if (xhr.readyState === DONE) {
    if (xhr.status === OK) {
      const donorCount = Number(xhr.responseText);
      const tempCount = donorCount > LAST_COUNT ? donorCount : LAST_COUNT;
      const sum = Math.min(tempCount + minutesSinceMarchFirst, MAX_COUNT);
      const durationInMs = sum / 10;

      animateValues({end: sum, durationInMs});
    else {
      console.log('Error: ' + xhr.status);

xhr.onreadystatechange = getDonors;

xhr.open('GET', URL);

It seems to have been doing what it says. Only crime here is that the slider is animated using JS.


LOL, weird fucking orange "colour."

What's funny is that the Yang memes are so low-effort that they've surpassed the astroturfed memes of Hillary in blandness

It's Bernie 2: Young Chink Boogaloo
This. Any Yang memes that are actually funny are trolling him and his supporters, specifically $1,000 being another "free shit."


Yang is an idiot if he thinks he can go anywhere running a respectable idea-based campaign against politicians with way more resources and political experience than him. If he can't embrace the joke and ignore all the media crying(which Trump did a pretty decent job of) his campaign will die a swift and unmourned death. Organic memes are the lifeblood of any modern insurgent campaign and without either them or a lot of establishment money you're dead in the water. Any candidate who's meaningfully anti-establishment in any sense(see Tulsi Gabbard) is going to attract some supporters/sympathy from these ranks, and the only way to combat it is to run on fighting Naziism by combating the core structural political problems that cause these people to become Nazis. You can't have a political system where "leading" Republican candidates go on and on about Israel while their own constituencies are dropping dead from opiate overdoses and not expect some sort of backlash.

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I think it's very transparently obvious that all these alt-right meme makers are just taking the piss out of the one of the weakest and most longshot primary contenders, none of them actually want him to become President. It's like the Jeb! phenomenon in 2016
You may be right but I've also seen plenty of people who thought Trump would be some alt-right savior and build the wall and triple the huwhite birthrate with a snap of his fingers say they hate Trump now and want Yang for purely accelerationist reasons


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I have some mild respect for Yang because he went on Tucker's show and pointed out that among all demographics drug use, anti depressant use, and suicide are at the highest levels in decades and asked "if society is going so great how come everyone wants to kill themselves?"

It's a very good question and Yang is the first politician I've seen who wasn't too cowardly to ask it.
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A tour through 4chan’s notoriously toxic /pol/ forum shows what the poster was so worried about. Yang is a minor player in the Democratic primary so far, an entrepreneur and political outsider with no traditional base of support. But on /pol/, he’s the only candidate that matters.
no he's not. Its his paid dyke shills who are doing that and whoever falls to the yang eeks dee maymay is either exceptional, autistic, or a brainlet


This is the same asshole who supports social credits right? Who in their right mind is helping this idiot to run?
Playing devil's advocate, if Yang were to actually win and implement the social credit system, it would basically bring back segregation as everybody who tends to the stuff that would lower your credit overwhelmingly aren't white. Maybe alt-righters supporting this guy are on to something.

Of course, if Yang were to actually win and implement the social credit system, it would be more likely that pee-oh-cees would be exempt, and every time a white person has to pay a fine, it goes into a reparations bank and they don't collect $1,000 next month.


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So, under the social credit system, can I donate my time to the NRA (a registered nonprofit,) then use my big brother good boy points to get the government to make a donation to the NRA?
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