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Kool Kid Kue

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Okay so like a lot of you here after finding out the whole Jace / Jan / DN / MDE ruse, I felt quite cut, in fact I didn't know how to feel, as I had never really EVER felt as entrenched as I did with the wonderful world of Jace Connors.

I vote we use a thread to appreciate the so-very-high-lights this dude has given us.

I personally first saw the Commander back in early 2014. I was at this stage, coping with a serious addiction to painkillers and benzodiazepines, and was in the beginning (first week) treatment for my addiction to benzos. At first, Jace really pissed me off, to the extent that I would call him out (and, in respective, get blocked) on his bullshit concepts.

However, as I realised he wasn't going to stop, I began to watch for the lulz. After a few weeks, I was more and more excited to see what was going to happen on his lifestreams, not because I wanted to see him fail but I wanted to laugh.. with him.

This was a really helpful coping strategy for me personally. If you haven't personally, or know someone personally that is coming off a strong habit of xanax (i.e. 25-30 mg or 12-15 tablets a day for the past 18-24 months) it is not something to recommend. I personally had to withstand a lot of pain I never would wish anyone, even to my worst enemy.

Stryker helped me through this. His LONG live streams, his dedication to his fans, it was so fucking beautiful. And I just wanted to let WHOEVER DID THIS (I seriously am questioning the meaning of life right now) that you REALLY helped me through a bad, bad part of my life.

And I wanted to say thank you, I am really shattered that it seems like it was a character, but at the same time, I got over my shit with your help, and if shit is going to get better, and you are going to show the world your talents, I salute you my man.

I know this is SPERGY AS ALL FUCK, but seriously, a part of us has changed forever today, I know I am not the only one who is so affected by this.

Please, share your stories, however spergy you think it is, we have all taken a hit today but its for the best. I confide in the knowledge that Jace is infact safe, and isn't living in the fucked up world he portrayed.

I STAND WITH YOU STRYKER, thank you for the help and entertainment. SEMPER FI!


Cuck Norris

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My very first post in the Jace board was me stating I was undecided if it was real or fake, but I didn't care either way because I was thoroughly entertained. Knowing now that it was indeed a ruse, I am still thoroughly entertained. Godspeed, Jan, and Semper Fidelis To All Are Armed Trolls.

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So long, and thanks for all the sekclintons
You played me like a DAMN FIDDLE but I can't imagine a world where I never got sucked into your crazy story. I almost feel like tearing up as I write this, it's very emotional but I'm very happy now about the future. Jan, you're the commander of my eternal wolf soul.
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For The Internet

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Even though there were things I'd questioned and I didn't really believe in Tyce or Eli, I believed in Jace.

I was genuinely shocked the whole thing was completely fake. I would have easily believed Jace was a real person who was exaggerating his persona for the camera, but his anguish and rage seemed so genuine (especially in that Sims 3 video) that I thought there had to be some basis in reality. I followed him since he was first introduced to the forum and I enjoyed every minute.

I'm going to miss the antics - even if the character continued it's not really the same, knowing it's a hoax - but I am also genuinely glad that Jace isn't an off-his-meds schizophrenic with a crazy fundamentalist mother.

Now that the shock has worn off I'm really impressed and not the least bit upset about being taken in. Jace gave me a ton of laughs and watching his streams with my friend was always a highlight of the week. I appreciate the laughs and the dedication to his ruse cruise. It feels a bit like losing a friend, but I'm so glad I was a part of it.

Alex Krycek

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I joined this board to post a few theories on Chris, comment on Sonichu and maybe a few other lolcows like Nick Bate and Moleman9000. Never did I think I'd stumble to this side of the board, but it happened and quickly I became an addict. I fell in love with everything and mind you I came in at the beginning of Tupacalypse. I'd watch videos between class, I'd show friends his stuff, I found myself so genuinely enjoying the antics of Deagle Nation that it almost changed my life. Then when I was going through a serious issue involving a past relationship with a girl I was sincerely in love with back in December and was feeling super depressed all the time, I found music and Deagle Nation videos pulled me through. I was able to watch for hours and just laugh, turning off my brain and basking in the glory of the Commanders world. Not saying I'd have hurt myself, but I'd have had a harder time without Commander Stryker and all his awesome ideas,m antics and adventures. I don't ever want this ride to end, even knowing that it is fake.
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JU 199

Frankly, i'm on the tail end of all of this. Only knew about the farms for a month and wasn't really following Jace (apart from the street race freakout.... which was excellently fake in retrospect) The dedication on his end was admirable. I took a look at the older threads today... He WAS a great piece of theater.


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Not to downplay everyone else's connection with Jace, but I think my story is more important. Before Jace I was addicted to fanatical Islam and transsexualism. Through Jace I eventually saw the ways. I gave up my Ak-47, Koran and hijab for a deagle (fuck yea), bible and sweet pair of shades. If it wasn't for him I'd still be a feminist trying to kill gaming. So we're clear, Jace had a bigger impact on my life than any of yours.


Jace as a character always seemed likable to me. I feel like those campy moments where you want to just be there doing the dew and finishing the fight with him to be some of Jan's actual personality bleeding through. He really did put the fans first and gave out many opportunities to talk while putting an emphasis on suggestions, polls, debates, and fan creations. Rather than playing solely from a script he interacted with us and decided to run with whatever we threw at him. He's a homely dude in as well as out of character whom I'd Semper Fi for going above and beyond the CoD as both.

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Duke Nukem

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Whether or not it is actually real, it was, and still is, all real to me. The saga of Jace W. Connors, future United States Marine, will forever live on in my memories, and go down as one of the greatest episodes in internet history.

Press :1: for Commander Stryker in memory of all the good times he gave us, and all the shit times he helped me get through.


You are truly an inspiration to us all.