Prettiest ratking 2016 - Since they all think the guys and girls want them.

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Yellow Yam Scam

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Apr 25, 2015
Devi Ever is hands-down the cutest member of the Rat King.

But in the absence of her as a choice I'd say Rani isn't so bad. Yeah, she has a really strong jawline but I think that means Rani falls into the same "handsome woman" category that houses Grace Jones and Florence Welch. Rani also has pretty eyes. Also affecting my decision is that she seems least likely of all the candidates to stab me in my sleep.

Second this, also Devi's fiance is a legitimately attractive. Rani is not attractive, but passable in a "very masculine woman" sort of way. Zinnia Jones is borderline acceptable.

The others all belong in nightmares.

Also this thread is a honeypot but i don't care.
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Feb 3, 2013
Nora shouldn't be on here because she was born with a vagina.

Anyway, I voted for Chloe. It's the hair that does it for me.