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Our friend Autphag has been going over there to fight the members of that forum since his thread was put up yesterday. It was linked here by @outlook1, but this forum had been discussed for a while before that even happened and discovered by @yawning sneasel initially. It's a pretty interesting and fun website and I was astonished to see so many similarities between Kiwi Farms and their site and their own rules.

This is the Autphag thread that they have over there now. I am blimpandchimps there, so that's not a secret anymore. I wanted to see how they would receive and handle a topic that we have here and they are just doing an amazing job handling Aut and countering his claims.

These are some highlights from that thread which has been rapidly exploding over there. It's already at 15 pages and Autphag currently has around negative 20 votes total.

It just gets better from here. Some of the other comments in the thread are how Autphag completely meets their definition of a snowflake. Even though their terminology is a little bit different over there, it's not unlike what we use here for lolcows and different kinds of them.

Their rules are even similar to what we have here. I almost thought this was Null who wrote this up. They even have rules against a-logging if you read this closely enough and take it pretty seriously too.

1) Please respect people’s privacy.
- Do not post any personal information such as addresses or phone numbers
- Do not post full names or any other personal information of minors, even if they post it themselves. This rule applies to our chat as well.
- Do not drag random friends/family members into this unless they are directly related to their scamming/lying/cheating
- There is to be no harassment of people that are being discussed here that crosses into the real world. Do not contact family members, friends or anyone within their place of work or education with the intent to disrupt their life.
- No armchair diagnostics please

2) Please do not attack other members
- Do not threaten other members or wish them any kinds of harm (emotional, physical etc.)

3) Please do not attack any of the people that are being discussed here
- Do not threaten them or wish them any kinds of harm (emotional, physical etc.)
- Do not use this board to ruin someone’s reputation. Stay as factual as possible and do not post anybody in the little snowflakes section unless you have solid proof of their bad behaviour. When in doubt, please stick to the interesting people section

4) Please do not spam any of the topics
- Do not post anything in the summary threads unless you are 100% sure that it’s valuable information (feel free to ask us first when in doubt)
- Do not create new topics before you have used the “search“ function and have made sure that a similar thread does not already exist
- Stay on topic. A few gifs and personal remarks here and there are fine, but don’t clog up entire threads
- If you get into an argument with another user, please resolve the issue via PM instead of arguing in the thread.
- Please report overly offensive posts instead of openly confronting people and adding more fuel to the fire
- Please don’t contribute like crazy just for the sake of raking up posts

5) Do not post illegal stuff
- Pretty self-explanatory. If you are not sure about something please consult our staff before posting

6) No trolling; we will consider you a troll if you meet at least 4 of the following criteria:
- You are extremely intolerant of other people’s opinions and are not willing to discuss anything or listen to admins and mods
- You are constantly and purposefully stirring up drama just for the sake of upsetting other members
- Come to this board just to tell us how terrible we are
- Contribute very little besides drama
- Seem to be particularly interested in controversial topics
- Re-open old threads just for the sake of starting an argument
- You are very desperate about getting attention (such as spamming threads and posting an awful lot at once)
- Seem to go after a specific individual/kind of person only (e.g people who support homosexuals/transsexuals etc.)
- You are very obviously just pretending to be an asshole (lack of in-depth understanding of the topic you’re supposedly so passionate about, inconsistent posting style ect.)

7) Do not make multiple accounts/accounts under false pretenses
- No sockpuppets please. If you have to defend yourself, defend… Well, yourself.
- If you want your username changed, please ask one of our mods. There is no need to make a new account just because you don’t like your alias anymore

8) Do not use this board as a platform for self-presentation
- Do not promote yourself excessively. You are allowed to use pictures of you as your avatar and add your links to your signature and profile, but please don’t post either one anywhere else unless
a) The thread in question is about exchanging links
b) You have a very specific beauty and fashion question that you’d like to ask (haircut, hair color, makeup etc.)
Please keep in mind that promoting yourself at all might hurt your credibility as a forum member, and not all the attention you will be receiving might be positive. Each member is responsible for the content of their own profile/avatar/signature, so please keep that in mind before posting links
- No self-posting (= pretending to be someone else and making a thread about yourself in the interesting people/little snowflakes section and/or posting random people who supposedly harrassed you to get attention from this board and/or present yourself as a victim)
- Do not sign up for this board unless you are actually interested in at least one of the snowflakes and contribute regularly. Contribute to the discussion and exposing of snowflakes, not simplistic opinions for the sake of making post count. You don’t have to contribute grade A detective work every single time, but the majority of your posts should be constructive and not just random spam. Yes, this board does have OT areas and you are more than welcome to share your interests with other people and make friends, but if you come here just to talk about yourself all day and seek attention, you are not welcome here.

- If you break a rule once, you will get a warning (Or a moderator is going to call you out, depending on how severe the offence is. If your first strike is hoping that someone’s house will burn down we’re obviously going to take it a little more seriously than a new member double-posting)
- If you continue to break the rules, you will get a temporary ban first (lenght of ban depends on the severity of the offence)
- If you still overstep your boundaries or do something unforgiveable, you can kiss your account goodbye
- You will be banned immediately in any of the following situations:
a) Signing up just to tell us that we’re horrible people and that this forum sucks
b) Being a confirmed self-poster/sockpuppet account
c) Being an obvious troll
d) Sending death threats to any of our members or a random snowflake
e) Attempting to promote a random online shop on PULL
f) Being a confirmed double account (one of your profiles will be deleted)
g) Contacting family members, friends or anyone within their place of work or education with the intent to disrupt their life.

Regarding PULL's affiliation outside the forum:

1. Users that choose to contact a snowflake/3rd party outside of PULL cannot use PULL to justify their actions.

2. PULL takes no responsibility for what its users choose to say outside of the forum.

3. Users that decide to contact 3rd parties/snowflakes can and will be "denounced" (banned) if it causes harassment towards the snowflake.
@hood LOLCOW wanted to see how a Stefonknee thread could work over there so he also made one a couple of weeks ago and that one has been a pretty good success too. They cover some of the same people we cover like Onision and Venus Angelic.

Fuck, they even have a thread on Chris over there. They really are a lot like us.