Snowflake Princess Ash / Madame Ash / Manikin / "Ashley S." - Self-described "female Leafy clone", crowdfunding scammer, pathetic bully, very unprofessional victim


"Oooh Giiiingeeeeeer!"
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This is "Akumu" (yes, his name is fucking "Akumu" aka nightmare in japanese. We're in for a ride)
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He got started on the lolcow path back when the whole "Madame" YouTube shit was happening (TLDR: A youtuber stole art, doxxed, and outed the assault of a 15 year old girl) this fucking white knight hopped in to defend his queen everywhere she was being disrespected. He was on Twitter and on youtube flexing his intellect. Obviously no one took him seriously so he started harassing the 15 year old, claiming he was "PUNISHING" her the way he's PUNISHED many on Kik and Geeking(The anime roleplay app). All while going around claiming he was above everyone and just "trolling" them. He also claimed to have the childs official case number, the one from her assault. All while mocking it and her.

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(Sorry for the shit quality of this one, had to get it from a video since this account of his got suspended)
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More stuff is shown in these videos all about his stupid tweets, comments and posts (I'd show his OG account but he purged all those Tweets, not sure why he deleted anything since he still spouts the same garbage on his in the comments of all these videos)

Eventually all the rational people telling him to stop embarrassing himself made him snap and he made a video using LIGHT from Death Note as his cringe ass rant-sona, where he claimed that the child was a dirty liar who "deserved backlash".
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He ended up deleting the video, after two YouTubers responded to him in a way too long 2 part video. He didn't delete because he regretted the video though, as stated in the description of his 1 hour response
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There's clips of his deleted video in these two if you can sit through them, you'll know it's him when you see the anime gameplay and poorly cropped Death Note sona

However the videos isn't where the real shit is. It's in his comments. This guy feels the compulsive need to respond to EVERYTHING. On someone elses videos or his own. His responses are just him talking about how big brain he is and how small brain everyone else is in the most hilarious way possible. He actually thinks he's a dark anime hero in a movie or something with the way he talks about "punishment" all while sprinkling in cringey terms like "dub" and "taking the L" even though he's so sensitive that he deletes comments on his videos if they "don't portray the video accurately"
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Or he'll just admit some weird embarrassing shit about himself and think it's a good comeback

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There's a couple more videos about him, and of course, they have at least 100 comments from him and him alone because he can't let anything go

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Last but not least, the transphobia. Oh wait, he's not transphobic, because "he's not afraid of trans people" he just thinks they're delusional and refuses to respect them as people. BUT HE DOESN'T HATE THEM he truly, truly doesn't

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He also has a hate boner for gay ships tainting his precious japanese cartoons

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There's thousands of other comments from him but I highly suggest you all go to the videos about him and read through them. Or go to his own horrible videos and watch him flounder around defending himself all while using anime stills and talking about punishment and his mlady EXACTLY the same way in his videos as he does in his comments.


He also has an "atrocious youtubers wiki" page but it's kind of shit, if you give a shit though, here it is
Archive your shit dear. ❤
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At this point, there haven't really been any major developments to report on with Ashley (afaik). She's rebranded again, this time changing her channel name to just "Ash." And as far as the content, it's mostly shitpost videos of her either doing the usual rambles over gameplay, or her now talking to Koreans in VRChat. The likes and dislikes are disabled on the videos, and the autists are still flocking to the comments to spout the same shit about her needing to apologize, go to jail, leave YouTube, etc.

Unless she pulls another dumb stunt that would put eyes back on her again, like to pull another grift or directly go after another creator, I assume that she's more or less going to become completely irrelevant in less than a year.

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Imagine being so offended, you make a whole wiki about me. Some people try to say I'm not a good troll, but this proves how EASY it is!
Congrats on receiving a single mention on somebody else’s thread. Just don’t let it get to your head.
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