Inactive Princess Ash / Madame Ash / Manikin / "Ashley S." - Self-described "female Leafy clone", crowdfunding scammer, pathetic bully, very unprofessional victim

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She been up to anything else lately? If all goes bad for her online she's gonna probably end up turning tricks at her local red light district 🤔
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She been up to anything else lately?
Don’t post to threads asking for updates. If nothing’s being talked about, likely nothing notable has been happening.
The only thing I’ve noticed is that her Patreon and ToS pages (linked and archived in the OP) have been taken down. Might be better off changing this thread to inactive, seeing as how she’s pretty much abandoned YouTube and supposedly is active on Discord instead. So it’s not like there’s all that much else to really discuss about her.

EDIT: On second thought, decided to change to inactive. Will change it back if there’s any kind of substantial update that comes down the line.
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