Privacy Checkup 2021

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Jan 23, 2021
Yes, it helps the site stay afloat and it works. I explicitly state I am financially incentivized to advocate for Brave but I genuinely suggest it to normies.
Tor user from the shithole country of the u.s of a-holes...glad to see this .onion actually works! Need to visit here for more shitposting lols!


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Dec 16, 2019
Appearently there was some drama with the team and they split into two websites because the owner was too AWOL to get the site updated but they were present enough to update the site with affiliate links, and they really wanted to be able to update the important parts of the site.

Allegedly, the team that split off in order to be able to push faster updates is still pushing outdated advice as well. I haven't bothered to do a comparison yet to see if one is better than the other even if both are possibly a little too old, so I really don't know if this matters and if the links should be updated.

r/PrivacyToolsIO is now redirecting people to r/PrivacyGuides so maybe it's a legit transition, but idk how active the sub was in the first place and if it's a reliable source of information about the site.

Anyways if the links die in the OP - if the domain owner really is that absent - then I guess they can be replaced with PrivacyGuide equivalents.

Jan 31, 2021
it's so refreshing to see site that actually encourages tor usage. im so sick of most sites and especially cloudflare straight up blocking tor exit nodes. maybe kiwifarms arent as full of bullies and assholes that drive trannies to suicide as i originally thought
t. poster from shithole country


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May 24, 2019
maybe kiwifarms arent as full of bullies and assholes that drive trannies to suicide as i originally thought
Yeah, we're actually a lovely bunch here. Comments assuming I'm a terrible person because I have a Kiwi Farms account just make me laugh, because it's obvious they've never been here and had a look for themselves.
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