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  1. Hahahahaha, that new word filter owned him worse than the old Gayer filter did.

    ...I have nothing of value to add to this thread. Sorry.
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  2. I am right there with you, the person I know was able to get help, but the fact such a group that supports such a disturbing mental illness as a movement hits close to home for me. If I met someone who supported this movement, I would not even consider trying to treat them, they are scum.
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  3. I think the sad reality is that if more models used were sizes 6/8/10 all you'd get is debate over whether they are actually a "healthy weight" from the thin police. Or fight from the body posi crowd that they aren't a good representation for x petty reason, y petty reason, and z petty reason. I'd hope eventually things would even out as having more medium sized models was embraced again, but it'd be a pain in the ass for a while.
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  4. Well, that and designers would be forced to make clothes for actual women's bodies, instead of expecting models to be walking coat hangers.

    A good example of the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't aspect of fashion would be the way people treat Crystal Renn. Too skinny to be plus-sized, too "fat" to be a straight-sized model. At her smallest she was a 0, which is extremely unhealthy for someone who's 5'9", and at her biggest she was a size 16. Nowadays, according to her, depending on the designer she'll wear anything from a 6 to a 10.

    A few years ago she lost some weight, and people were screeching about it on the internet because in an interview she said she wasn't really trying to lose weight. The part they ignored was, she mentioned that she was eating right and exercising. It just so happened that her lifestyle change caused her to lose weight.

    Plus-size Crystal:

    Crystal... recently? This campaign was from early-ish 2016:


    Personally I think, as long as she's taking care of herself and she'd happy, let the woman do what she wants. I've read her book, I know about all the shit she went through with her eating disorder when she was a straight-sized model, and I'm glad she's healthy. Also, I'd snap someone's neck like a Navy SEAL if it meant I could wake up tomorrow looking like her...

    I'm sure there are other examples, this is just the one I've been most aware of.
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  5. Shit like this makes me ill to my stomach. The fact that there are probably people out there following the advice of the pro-ana community kind of terrifies me.

    According to a friend who works at the local hospital, dying as a result of an eating disorder is extremely unpleasant as well. Let's just say that fatigue would be the least of your issues when you're able to feel your organs shutting down.
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  6. I occasionally lurk on a pro ana board and wow the self hatred, narcissism and enabling are strong there, it's totally bonkers. I do enjoy the chimping out about wannarexics, tho.
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  7. Ah yes, pro-ana/mia communities. It was a hobby of mine to just scroll through a certain website and watch these girls/boys destroy themselves. Now, anorexia/boulimia is horrible; I've dealt with a lot of 'ill' people in my life, but if you're actively pushing (young) people to get thinner and unhealthier, you're a piece of shit.

    I remember I was scrolling through a photothread which was full of boulimics posting selfies of their 'moonface', which you apparently get after purging. Your face swells up and you look like shit. The girls on the site of course acted like regular teenage little shits and commented 'oH MY God you're all so BEAUTIFUL and goals!!11' instead of telling them that purging makes them look like terrible creatures from Hell.

    To this day, I still get angry, because I lost my best friend to one of these communities. She was locked up in a ward with girls with an ED and she would tell me that they held actual fucking competitions. Who lost the most weight, or who didn't eat their supper and shoved the food up their vaginas. Yes. That shit happens. Let that sink in for a moment.
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  8. Its a scary thing, anorexia. These girls actually egg eachother on, theres a pretty good after school special about it called "Little Miss Perfect":

    Piquant detail: The girl in the story actually gets trolled.
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  9. and now a word from our sponsors: yes, you do need fat to a certain degree. it's not just there to be icky. the body has multiple uses for it, like insulation, to cushion the internal organs from external forces, as backup fuel, and to regulate sources of fat-soluble vitamins.

    blah blah blah moderation and all, because it's ugly when you get too much OR too little, but you get the point.
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  10. The Nazis were very pro-Ana:

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  11. I see no difference between this and fat acceptance really. health at every size, yeah?
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  12. Its the same to me, both awful and both deadly.
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  13. I've lurked a few Tumblr pro-ana's for years periodically. It's depressing and I don't even have any fun mocking them, but it is interesting.

    What surprises me the most is how centered it is around having ultra control of the body. Many of their blogs kinda mirror health and fitness blogs, but with a distorted worldview.

    A muscle building blog might tell you how great you'll feel if you can push yourself that extra mile. And a pro-ana blog will tell you how great you will feel when you suffer that extra mile. They get some type of rush or high off of watching the scale go down. They feel like they're accomplishing something when they're in pain.

    Wannarexics will pop in for a week or two and quit, and the girls that do stay get their life devoured by the lifestyle. Also something you'll notice is anexerica girls have no hobbies unless you count coffee, diet soda and sleeping. They unsurprisingly have no energy for anything else.

    Good call. She was probably using it to distract from stomach pains.
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  14. Interesting. I though Tumblr put down the ban hammer on pro-ana blogs years ago...

    Tumblr Bans Pro-Eating Disorder and Other Self-Harm Blogs
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  15. They kinda did and if you try to search for banned terms Tumblr sends you a, "You okay buddy?" message.


    I think the ban hammer got broken out for bigger popular pro-ana blogs, but little blogs are still floating around. The community just changed the terms basically and try to make the groups smaller. People are always gonna find a way to break the rules, you know? And you can always click to view the search results anyway and there is still pro-ana stuff right there.

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  16. they're all "recovery" blogs now. same as on ig. tagged edrecovery edfam edwarrior etc. follow those down into the rabbit hole.

    I find it morbidly fascinating. The heating pad thing is probably because she ate. When anorexics have fasted for a while, their gut becomes accustomed to being empty. The lining and cilia thin out and the mucosal layer in the intestines gets tender. Then when they eat, they get cramps in the muscles that control peristalsis. so they'll usually throw a heating pad or hot water bottle on their lower gut.

    it can take up to a full day for food to pass through entirely, sometimes longer, but you can't leave a heating device on for that long. it causes burns under the top layer of skin.

    I stalk/lurk MPA and have seen a handful of photos with that exact burn pattern, usually from people who are inpatient/recovering.

    I'll post tard cum from there next time I'm in the mood to lurk the site.
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  17. excuse the double post but here's a few things, I took a minute or two to go to the actual "pro ana" section of MPA. the forum as a whole claims to be neutral and there's a recovery section, but there's a subsection dedicated completely to pro, and it's full of bickering, snipe and sadness.

    also a relatively tame bit of gag post from the bulimia section, and the best/worst thread there, "bonespo". yes, it includes people who are starving and don't have an eating disorder. I'd have to dig for those, but they're in there. Screenshot_20170218-171839.png Screenshot_20170218-171459.png Screenshot_20170218-171646.png

    eta: a good example of the hanger.

    someone asked for a pro ana coach, the entire forum piles into a salt heap. recovery people and snipes from the ednos/high BMI section and people from the small pro ana section go at it. last I looked there were forty pages?
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  18. I wonder, will we ever have a Eugenia Cooney thread in the beauty parlour?...

    Anyway, from lurking websites like skinny gossip it's clear that the mentality is more of a preference and idolization of emaciation than just a self esteem issue and need "for control".
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  19. Guys 'pro-ana' basically just means anorexic. They have a mental illness and like most people with a mental illness they suffer from delusions.
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