Disaster Pro-Trump troll busted for running fake intelligence firm tied to Mueller smear - Noted MAGA Enthusiast Young Person Jakob Wohl Does the Impossible: Uniting Twitter



Private investigation firm SureFire Intelligence, the company tied to manufactured smear allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is an elaborate front and hoax created by a right-wing troll.

The company was exposed on Tuesday as a fake after it was tied to Jacob Wohl, a right-wing Twitter personality, whose name and old finance company NeX Capital Management were found to be referenced in SureFire’s website domain data.

Wohl has denied involvement in several tweets.

SureFire seeks to present itself across social media and online as any company would. The illusion of the company’s status, however, simply fell apart with Google reverse image searches as internet sleuths took a closer look at its claims.

Jacob Wohl is a moron and didn't realize that there are reverse image search engines other than Google when he was adding filters to these pictures. Yandex got this as the very first result.

— Aric Toler (@AricToler) October 30, 2018

A quick look at SureFire’s supposed international employee roster on LinkedIn reveals numerous profiles using fake headshots.

The profile for SureFire’s “Tel Aviv station chief” uses a picture of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. The deputy director of operations is, in fact, a pastor from Michigan, and the company’s “financial investigator” is Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz.

In a wider bid to support the authenticity of the firm, reporters have uncovered a bunch of old Craigslist advertisements boasting that the company was founded by ex-Mossad agents, offering investigative services.

A page on Medium associated with the company pushed two pseudo-journalistic stories about the firm, tied to suspicious and recently created Twitter accounts for reporters that supposedly authored the articles. On Tuesday, Medium suspended SureFire’s pages. The Twitter accounts are still up.

Surefire Intelligence, The CIA-for-Hire for the Rich and Famoushttps://t.co/q0ewPAPMNP

— Evan Goldman (@EvanGoldman17) August 14, 2018

Even the Twitter avatars were revealed to be stolen from Instagram models.

The website boasts company office across the world and throughout the U.S., but all numbers suspiciously redirect via Google Voice to a single phone number in Orange County, California.

Despite all the effort to create fake personas and hoax PR pieces, that number reportedly redirects callers to Wohl’s mother’s voicemail.

Jacob Wohl as his Twitter describes him is a:

20 Year Old Financier and Political Commentator | Conservative, Trump Supporter, Zionist | Writer for http://TheGatewayPundit.com

There are many incredible (I do mean incredible) stories about this young man. He owns these domains:


He once interrupted an interviewer to clarify that "if he was dating IG models it was nobody's business" and the author felt it necessary to clarify that nobody actually brought that up.

He is probably best known prior to today as an ultra enthusiastic MEGA ENTHUSIAST Twatter personality that also happened to be involved in serious securities fraud. The short of it is that he guaranteed x return and y max losses and failed epically by losing 40% of the intial investor money, which was in the multi millions. This case is still ongoing and is pending action by Arizona's version of the SEC.

But let's get to the fucking point:

Today he scored an own goal of epic proportions. He setup a fake company, ostensibly a James Bond esque International (TM) private spy group called "Sure Fire Intelligence", branding it with fake pictures of Israel model Bar Refaeli and the dude from Hateful 8. One imaginary execs name? Simon Frick.

He registered the domain in his name. His mom's cell phone was the forward for one of the phones listed on the site.

And why did he do this? To accuse Robert Mueller of raping a woman. He did so in cahoots with conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman, best known for pushing the Seth Rich disinfo.

Alright I'm done, you guys can read the rest it's out there. What an incredible time to be alive.
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Has the claim against Cory Booker been proved to be a hoax as well, or is the media just ignoring it altogether?

It's good that the media can expose bullshit sometimes, but my fear is that if these bullshit claims were being made about Trump rather than Mueller/Booker then they'd be calling them credible.
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it's a show stoppin' Zany kind of popcorn!
it should have been obvious to everyone that wohl is a snake. even when he tries to appear as though he's arguing in good faith, he still comes off like the neo-con that he is. everything about him betrays this right down to his mossad larping in this whole fiasco.

garbage in, garbage out. the right-wing is better off without this trust fund kiddie. he will skate on any serious consequences though thanks to affluenza
So he's basically a male Laura Loomer then?
-histrionic? check.
-disingenuous? check.
-opportunistic? check.
-jewish? check.

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